Defined in carb/audio/IAudioPlayback.h

constexpr PlayFlags carb::audio::fPlayFlagMaxInstancesSimulate = 0x00000004

when set, this indicates that if a voice is started with a sound that is already over its max play instances count, it should still be started but immediately put into simulation mode instead of taking a bus.

When not set, the call to playSound() will fail if the sound’s max instance count is above the max instances count. Note that if the new voice is put into simulation mode, it will still count as a playing instance of the sound which will cause its instance count to go above the maximum. This flag should be used sparingly at best.

Note that when this flag is used, a valid voice will be created for the sound even though it is at or above its current instance limit. Despite it being started in simulation mode, this will still consume an extra instance count for the sound. The new voice will only be allowed to be devirtualized once its sound’s instance count has dropped below its limit again. However, if the voice has a high priority level and the instance count is still above the limit, this will prevent other voices from being devirtualized too. This flag is best used on low priority, short, fast repeating sounds.