Defined in carb/audio/IAudioPlayback.h

struct PlaySoundDesc2

Extended descriptor to allow for further control over how a new voice plays its sound.

This must be set in PlaySoundDesc::ext if it is to be included in the original play descriptor for the voice.

Public Members

int64_t delayTime = 0

The time in microseconds to delay the start of this voice’s sound.

This will delay the start of the sound by an explicit amount requested by the caller. This specified delay time will be in addition to the context’s delay time (ContextParams2::videoLatency) and the calculated distance delay. This value may be negative to offset the context’s delay time. However, once all delay times have been combined (context, per-voice, distance delay), the total delay will be clamped to 0. This defaults to 0us.

void *padding[32] = {}

Extra padding space reserved for future expansion.

Do not use this value directly. In future versions, new context parameters will be borrowed from this buffer and given proper names and types as needed. When this padding buffer is exhausted, a new PlaySoundDesc3 object will be added that can be chained to this one.

void *ext = nullptr

Reserved for future expansion.

This must be set to nullptr.