Defined in carb/audio/IAudioPlayback.h

constexpr PlaybackModeFlags carb::audio::fPlaybackModeDefaultUseDoppler = 0x40000000

default playback mode flag states.

These flags allow the context’s default playback mode for selected playback modes to be used instead of always having to explicitly specify various playback modes for each new play task. Note that these flags only take effect when a sound is first played on a voice, or when update() is called after changing a voice’s default playback mode state. Changing the context’s default playback mode settings will not take effect on voices that are already playing.

When these flags are used in the VoiceParams::playbackMode flag set in a PlaySoundDesc descriptor or a setVoiceParameters() call, these will take the state for their corresponding non-default flags from the context’s default playback mode state value and ignore the flags specified for the voice’s parameter itself.

When these flags are used in the ContextParams::playbackMode flag set, they can be used to indicate a ‘force off’, ‘force on’, or absolute state for the value. When used, the ‘force’ states will cause the feature to be temporarily disabled or enabled on all playing buses on the next update cycle. Using these forced states will not change the playback mode settings of each individual playing voice, but simply override them. When the force flag is removed from the context, each voice’s previous behavior will resume (on the next update cycle). When these are used as an absolute state, they determine what the context’s default playback mode for each flag will be.

Note that for efficiency’s sake, if both ‘force on’ and ‘force off’ flags are specified for any given state, the ‘force off’ flag will always take precedence. It is up to the host app to ensure that conflicting flags are not specified simultaneously. when used in a voice parameters playback mode flag set, this indicates that new voices will always use the context’s current default Doppler playback mode flag and ignore any specific flag set on the voice parameters. When used on the context’s default playback mode flag set, this indicates that the context’s default Doppler mode is enabled.