Defined in carb/audio/IAudioData.h

constexpr DecodeStateFlags carb::audio::fDecodeStateFlagCoarseSeek = 0x00000004

This flag indicates that frame accurate seeking is not needed and the decoder may skip additional work that is required for frame-accurate seeking.

An example usage of this would be a music player; seeking is required, but frame-accurate seeking is not required. Additionally, this may be useful in cases where the only seeking needed is to seek back to the beginning of the sound, since that can always be done with perfect accuracy.

This only affects SampleFormat::eVorbis, SampleFormat::eOpus and SampleFormat::eMp3. For SampleFormat::eVorbis, SampleFormat::eOpus, this will cause the decoder to seek to the start of the page containing the target frame, rather than trying to skip through that page to find the exact target frame.

For SampleFormat::eMp3, this flag will skip the generation of an index upon opening the file. This may result in the file length being reported incorrectly, depending on how the file was encoded. This will also result in seeking being performed by estimating the target frame’s location (this will be very inaccurate for variable bitrate files).