Defined in carb/audio/IAudioData.h

constexpr DataFlags carb::audio::fDataFlagStream = 0x20000000

stream the audio data at runtime.

The behavior when using this flag greatly depends on some of the other flags and the format of the source data. For example, if the fDataFlagInMemory flag is not used, the data will be streamed from disk. If that flag is used, the encoded/compressed data will be loaded into the sound data object and it will be decoded at runtime as it is needed. This flag may not be combined with the fDataFlagDecode flag. If it is, this flag will be ignored and the full data will be decoded into PCM at load time. If neither this flag nor fDataFlagDecode is specified, the fDataFlagDecode flag will be implied. This flag is valid to specify when loading a sound data object through the asset loader system.