Defined in carb/audio/IAudioGroup.h

struct GroupDesc

descriptor of a new group to be created.

A group may be optionally named and optionally created with a set of sound data objects initially added to it.

Public Members

GroupFlags flags = 0

flags to control the behavior of the group’s creation or behavior.

This is zero or more of the kGroupFlag* flags.

const char *name = nullptr

optional name to initially give to the group.

This can be changed at any later point with setGroupName(). The name has no functional purpose except to identify the group to a user.

size_t count = 0

the total number of sound data objects in the initialSounds table.

SoundEntry *initialSounds = nullptr

a table of sounds and regions that should be added to the new group immediately on creation.

This may be nullptr to create an empty group, or this may be a table of count sound data objects and regions to be added to the group. When each sound is added to the group, a reference to the object will be taken. The reference will be released when the sound is removed from the group or the group is destroyed. The sound data object will only be destroyed when removed from the group or the group is destroyed if the group owned the last reference to it.

void *ext = nullptr

reserved for future expansion.

This must be set to nullptr.