Defined in carb/audio/IAudioPlayback.h

constexpr PlaybackContextFlags carb::audio::fContextFlagBaking = 0x00000002

flag to indicate that the audio processing engine should be run in ‘baking’ mode.

This will allow it to process audio data as fast as the system permits instead of waiting for a real audio device to catch up. When this flag is used, it is expected that the context will also use a streamer for its output. If a device index is selected as an output, context creation and setting a new output will still succeed, but the results will not sound correct due to the audio processing likely going much faster than the device can consume the data. Note that using this flag will also imply the use of fContextFlagCycleCallbacks if a callback function is provided for the context.

When this flag is used, the new context will be created with the engine in a stopped state. The engine must be explicitly started with startProcessing() once the audio graph has been setup and all initial voices created. This can be combined with fContextFlagManualStop to indicate that the engine will be explicitly stopped instead of stopping automatically once the engine goes idle (ie: no more voices are active).