Defined in carb/audio/IAudioCapture.h

struct CaptureContextDesc

descriptor used to indicate the options passed to the createContext() function.

This determines the how the context will behave and which capture device will be selected.

Public Members

CaptureContextFlags flags = 0

flags to indicate some additional behavior of the context.

No flags are currently defined. This should be set to 0. In future versions, these flags may be used to determine how the ext member is interpreted.

DeviceChangeCallback changeCallback = nullptr

a callback function to be registered with the new context object.

This callback will be performed any time the capture device list changes. This notification will only indicate that a change has occurred, not which specific change occurred. It is the caller’s responsibility to re-enumerate devices to determine if any further action is necessary for the updated device list. This may be nullptr if no device change notifications are needed.

void *callbackContext = nullptr

an opaque context value to be passed to the callback whenever it is performed.

This value will never be accessed by the context object and will only be passed unmodified to the callback function. This value is only used if a device change callback is provided.

CaptureDeviceDesc device

a descriptor of the capture device to initially use for this context.

If this device fails to be selected, the context will still be created and valid, but any attempt to capture audio on the context will fail until a source is successfully selected with IAudioCapture::setSource(). The source used on this context may be changed any time a capture is not in progress using IAudioCapture::setSource().

void *ext = nullptr

extended information for this descriptor.

This is reserved for future expansion and must be set to nullptr.