Defined in carb/audio/IAudioPlayback.h

constexpr PlaybackModeFlags carb::audio::fPlaybackModePaused = 0x00000100

flag to indicate the current pause state of a sound.

This is valid only when the fVoiceParamPause flag is used. When this flag is set, the voice’s playback is paused. When this flag is not set, the voice’s playback will resume. Note that if all buses are occupied, pausing a voice may allow another voice to steal its bus. When a voice is resumed, it will continue playback from the same location it was paused at.

When pausing or unpausing a sound, a small volume ramp will be used internally to avoid a popping artifact in the stream. This will not affect the voice’s current volume level.

Note that if the voice is on the simulation path and it is paused and unpaused rapidly, the simulated position may not be updated properly unless the context’s update() function is also called at least at the same rate that the voice is paused and unpaused at. This can lead to a voice’s simulated position not being accurately tracked if care is not also taken with the frequency of update() calls.