Defined in carb/audio/AudioTypes.h

enum class carb::audio::AudioResult

possible return values from various audio APIs.

These indicate the kind of failure that occurred.


enumerator eOk

the operation was successful.

enumerator eDeviceDisconnected

the device was disconnected from the system.

enumerator eDeviceLost

access to the device was lost.

enumerator eDeviceNotOpen

the device has not been opened yet.

enumerator eDeviceOpen

the device has already been opened.

enumerator eOutOfRange

a requested parameter was out of range.

enumerator eTryAgain

the operation should be retried at a later time.

enumerator eOutOfMemory

the operation failed due to a lack of memory.

enumerator eInvalidParameter

an invalid parameter was passed in.

enumerator eNotAllowed

this operation is not allowed on the object type.

enumerator eNotFound

the resource requested, such as a file, was not found.

enumerator eIoError

an error occurred in an IO operation.

enumerator eInvalidFormat

the format of a resource was invalid.

enumerator eOverrun

An overrun occurred.

enumerator eNotSupported

the resource or operation used is not supported.