MDL Language

The MDL language in Omniverse is used for creating and describing physically-based materials. It provides a flexible and powerful way to define material properties, such as appearance, texture mapping, and light interaction. With MDL, users can create complex materials with realistic details, including effects like reflections, refractions, and surface patterns. These materials can be applied to 3D objects and used in rendering scenes to achieve high-quality visual results. MDL in Omniverse USD Composer enables artists and designers to create and manipulate materials in a visually intuitive manner, while also providing the flexibility to fine-tune material properties through code-based scripting if desired.

You can read more about the MDL language in the following.

We are constantly adding features and support of the MDL language in Omniverse USD Composer.

MDL Annotations


New annotation support for Kit versions 105.0.1 and higher

  • Nested Groups

    anno::in_group( string group, string subgroup, string subsubgroup, boolcollapsed=false)

  • UI Order

    anno::ui_order( int order )

  • Hidden


  • Descriptions as popup tooltip

    anno::description( string description )

  • Enum Display

    Default strings are displayed correctly in the UI.