Release Notes


The USD ecosystem is becoming more strict in enforcing standards. In some cases this can break older assets authored previous to these changes. We have introduced an Asset Validator Extension to help fix these issues and create more robust assets. If you suspect something is wrong when you load an asset or you see a warning, please run the Asset Validator extension which can be found under Windows > Utilities > Asset Validator. Refer to the Asset Validator documentation for more info or to the materials related documentation about the Asset Validator.

Latest Release


Release Date: Sept 2023


  • This update primarily prioritizes stability and bug fixes

  • Added support for varying tile and offset inputs for file texture nodes (see image below 1)

tile and offset inputs


  • Material Graph stability and general workflows have been improved.

  • Added support for clearcoat and emissive map baking to the distill and bake extension

  • Added varying tile and offset inputs for file texture nodes in the material graph

  • Small changes UsdPreviewSurface for improved rendering

  • Improved metallic material parity between PT (Path Traced) and RT (Real Time) render modes


  • Fixed various crashes and instability issues

  • Fixed various issues related to regressions, pathing, parameters

Known Issues

  • When encountering issues run the Asset Validator

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