Defined in omni/kit/IApp.h

constexpr const carb::events::EventType omni::kit::kPostQuitEventType = 0

A shutdown event that is pushed during the next update after postQuit is called.

Once IApp::postQuit() is called, the next IApp::update() call will check for shutdown requests and start the shutdown sequence. The first step of this sequence is that this event (kPostQuitEventType) is dispatched synchronously to the shutdown event stream (IApp::getShutdownEventStream()) and the stream is pumped immediately. During this event, any calls to IApp::tryCancelShutdown() will abort this process (unless the posted quit request is noncancellable). If no attempt to cancel the shutdown has been made, kPreShutdownEventType will be dispatched.

See also

IApp::getShutdownEventStream(), IApp::postQuit(), IApp::tryCancelShutdown(), IApp::postUncancellableQuit()

Event Arguments

  • ”uncancellable” - boolean value indicating whether the requested type was noncancellable (true) or not