Defined in omni/audio/experimental/IAudioCapture.h

constexpr CaptureStreamFlags omni::audio::experimental::fCaptureStreamFlagLowLatency = 0x1

Bypass the stream’s capture buffer entirely to minimize audio capture latency as much as possible.

When this flag is set, audio buffers received from the underlying device will be passed directly to the capture callback.


In this mode, you are at the mercy of the underlying audio system. The buffers sent to the callback may vary in size and timing. The bufferLength and bufferFragments parameters passed to the device are ignored when using this flag. Since the buffer size may vary, your callbacks must complete as fast as possible in case the device sends you very small buffers.


The audio buffer must be discarded before the callback returns. This will also cause ICaptureStream_abi::unlock_abi() to be a noop.


If a format conversion is required, the data will be written to an intermediate buffer that will be sent to your callback.