Defined in omni/audio/experimental/IAudioCapture.h

struct Format

The minimal format needed to interpret an PCM audio stream.

Non-PCM (compressed) audio streams may need different format information or no format information to interpret.

Public Members

size_t frameRate = 0

The rate at which this audio stream is intended to be played (number of audio frames per second).

A frame is a group of channels audio samples taken at a given time point; this is often referred to as the ‘sample rate’.

size_t channels = 0

The number of channels in the audio stream.

SpeakerMode channelMask = carb::audio::kSpeakerModeDefault

This specifies the intended usage of each channel in the audio stream.

This will be a combination of one or more of the carb::audio::Speaker names or a carb::audio::SpeakerMode name.

SampleFormat format = SampleFormat::eDefault

The data type of each audio sample in this audio stream.