Defined in omni/audio/experimental/IAudioCapture.h

struct CaptureStreamDesc

The descriptor used to create a new ICaptureStream.

Public Members

CaptureStreamFlags flags = 0

Flags to indicate some additional behaviour of the stream.

CaptureDataCallback dataCallback = nullptr

A callback that can be used to receive captured data.

This can be nullptr if a polling style of capture is desired. This may not be nullptr if fCaptureStreamFlagLowLatency is specified in flags.

CaptureInfoCallback errorCallback = nullptr

A callback that can be used to receive notifications of when an overrun occurs.

This call be nullptr if these notifications are not needed. This callback can be used when either polling or callback style recording are being used.

void *callbackContext = nullptr

An opaque context value to be passed to the callback whenever it is performed.

This is passed to dataCallback and errorCallback.

CaptureDeviceDesc device

A descriptor of the capture device to use for this stream.