Blender is a world class 3d Modeling application and exists currently as an Omniverse App with Connect Capabilities planned. To access the below capabilities, please download and use the Blender Version found within the Omniverse Launcher App Section. For importation / export workflows, the Omniverse Drive utility allows easy passthough to the omniverse.

Omniverse Drive Documentation

For additional information on Blender and Using Blender please see the following links.

Blender Website Blender Support



  • Meshes (with subdivision schemes)

  • Lights

  • Cameras

  • Curves

  • Volumes (to be fully tested)

  • Material import options

  • Assign existing Blender material with the same name or create new, empty Blender material

  • Supports material indices

  • Option to convert USD preview surface shaders to Blender Principled BSDF networks for approximate previews (experimental)

  • No support for MDL import yet

  • Scenegraph instancing options

  • Import as “instance proxies” (unique object per instance)

  • Import as Blender collection instances (experimental)

  • Importing USD point instancers not yet supported


  • Meshes (with subdivison scheme)

  • Lights

  • Cameras

  • Curves

  • Materials options

  • Export Cycles nodes

  • Convert Cycles nodes to USD preview surface (experimental)

  • Hair (to be fully tested)

  • Metaball (to be fully tested)

  • Scenegraph instancing (experimental)

Known Issues

  • No support for MDL export yet