USD Composer 2023.2 Beta

Release Date: September 2023

Extension Changes

  • added extension omni.kit.livestream.native 2.3.0

  • added extension 105.1.0

  • added extension omni.audioplayer 0.2.0

  • added extension omni.audiorecorder 0.1.0

  • added extension omni.example.ui 1.2.3

  • added extension omni.videoencoding 0.1.1

  • removed extension omni.anim.shared 105.3.6

  • removed extension omni.kit.splash.carousel 1.1.6

  • removed extension omni.kit.viewport.menubar.cloud_share 1.0.4

  • removed extension omni.kit.widget.cloud_share 1.11.1

  • removed extension 0.7.0

  • removed extension 0.2.3

  • removed extension 0.2.4

  • removed extension 1.5.2

  • removed extension omni.datastore

  • removed extension omni.graph.examples.cpp 1.7.7

  • removed extension omni.kit.window.splash 1.0.1

  • removed extension omni.taskagent

  • removed extension omni.ujitso


  • from 1.2.0 -> 1.3.1

  • Crash in time sample conversion and simplification UI

  • Keyframing multiple prims together feature from the property window


  • from 105.1.7 -> 105.1.10

  • Fixed issue with retargeter with incorrect order of evaluations, causing character to tilt

  • Add a message notifying users when variable prefixes have been updated.

  • Motion matching node fix for non-identity start transforms.


  • from 105.1.2 -> 105.1.3

  • Fix warnings on save.

  • The advanced navmesh parameters are ignored by Pinocchio (this is temporary until we decide what to do).

  • The generated navmesh should have good performance. I’ve increased the cell size a bit, which lowers the fidelity somewhat, but it improves the speed of the baking, and it looks fine.

  • The navmesh cache file name extension changed from .nav to .nvc (format change).

  • The voxel grid that used to be discarded is no longer discarded, it’s persisted in the navmesh cache file.

  • The voxel grid is used to adjust the height for path points as well as for validate_point.

  • Fixed “cache keeps reloading”

  • Fixed unwanted baking when there is cached navmesh

  • Improved log messages

  • NavMeshAgent support

  • Removed spamming on NavMesh missing.

  • Fixes for NavNesh events

  • Fixes for NavMesh baking.

  • Built with new schema

  • schema extension dependency

  • Fixing the navmesh memory leak in path query

  • Fixing the undesired vertical offset in navmesh in Pinocchio, making it always the minimum acceptable unit

  • Refreshing the property panel when a schema is applied/removed

  • Changed NavPath to use BasisCurves instead of experimental NavSchema.NavPath

  • Updated Pinocchio version that uses different approach to find path, which may give better result (shorter).

  • Exposed overrideRayCastProportions on queryNavMeshPath allowing caller to customize the range to look for shortcuts on the path.

  • Changed cache folder name from navmesh to navmeshcache.

  • Fixed validate_navmesh_point

  • Added offset support on NavMeshObstacle.

  • Allow up to 63 vertical layers in one navmesh tile.

  • Changed default NavMesh agent configuration to more sensible values.

  • NavMeshVolume placement now reverses its parent transform and places into world space.

  • Added ability to stop NavMesh baking.

  • Added draw_path to NavMeshPath object to visualize the path.

  • Fixed agent size and path query on NavMesh read from Cache.

  • Fixed NavMeshObstacle running out of free slot if it is not touching any NavMesh tile.

  • Properly crops the NavMesh if tile size is not a integer multiply of bound size.

  • Only changed NavMeshObstacle will be updated.

  • query_navmesh_path and validate_navmesh_point now accept additional half_extents parameter to set the query range.

  • Fixed NavMeshVolume visualization not removed after prim is deleted.

  • Added NavMeshObstacleAPI support.

  • NavMeshVolume now only works as include volume. Exclude feature is now moved to NavMeshObstacleAPI.

  • Reduced OOM during NavMesh baking with updated pinocchio library.

  • Crash in NavPathManager

  • OM-65636: NavMeshExcludeAPI UI

  • Add context menu item to apply/remove NavMeshExcludeAPI schema

  • NavMesh Exclusions window that lists excluded prims

  • Automatically exclude prims with Physics RigidBodies

  • Fixed crash on exit.

  • Save/Load navmesh baking parameters with USD file.

  • Save/Load baked navmesh to/from cache.

  • Added NavMesh event stream.

  • Fixed navmesh bounds range.

  • Various module cleanups.

  • Properly use pinocchio up axis for navmesh.

  • Improved performance for larger scene.

  • Included overlapping face if it’s partially within range.

  • Excluded mesh with NavMeshExcludeAPI.

  • Initial version of NavMesh baking, visualization and path query.

  • Fixes for NavPath stage loading.

  • Initial NavPath support


  • from 105.8.0 -> 105.8.2

  • Add use_online_index = true in configuration for suppressing pipapi warning

  • Updated OgnGetXform to fix fabric bug in later kit versions


  • from 105.1.12 -> 105.1.14

  • Fixed OmniJoint pose reset bugs when resync.

  • Fixed performance warnings caused by frequently using acquireInterface


  • from 0.7.0 -> 0.8.1

  • Improve of UI flow - One click to fix a single issue. - Move Fix and Save selected to an option. - Update documentation.

  • PrimEncapsulationChecker, NormalMapTextureChecker: Ability to select prims.

  • When a fix is proposed, do not select prims.

  • from 0.5.4 -> 0.5.5

  • Added better handling of invalid audio assets

  • Fixed bug with physics demo framework not being available


  • from 0.13.5 -> 0.13.6

  • Dropped support for Blast data from before “base” and “inst” were split

  • Optimized multiple spots in code by using USDRT to discover prims instead of walking the entire stage


  • from 105.1.36 -> 105.1.44

  • Fix NanoVDB emitter coordinate inconsistency.

  • Point cloud preset on selected prim fix.


  • from 105.1.1 -> 105.1.2

  • S3 presets folder path updated to prod


  • from 1.70.1 -> 1.84.0

  • Disabled compound subgraphs by default.

  • Dragging prims from the Stage window into a graph view was failing with errors.

  • Enabled renaming ports on input and output nodes

  • Reusing port names during rename automatically finds a new name

  • Ability to create an empty compound subgraph from the context menu

  • Compound node ports were incorrectly refreshing on disconnection

  • Context menu now appears when right-clicking empty space

  • Context menu on input and output nodes allows for removing of ports

  • Input and Output nodes hide unsupported operations in node context menu

  • Compound Nodes hide the help documentation overlay

  • Support for only selecting backdrops only by header bar.

  • Moved backdropGetter so we can pass in the GraphWidget, to be able to get node sizes.

  • The node catalog and QuickSearch now search the UI name of the node type rather than its internal name.

  • The node catalog and QuickSearch no longer search the node description.

  • The matching of search terms can now be spread between the node type and its category.

  • If a category matches the search terms it will be expanded even if none of its nodes match.

  • Clicking on a node type in the QuickSearch window will reliably create the node.

  • Enabled compound subgraphs for all builds

  • Variables nodes are now correctly created in compound graphs

  • Added input and output virtual nodes when using a compound subgraph

  • Added OmniNote functionality.

  • Only enable new graph delegate behavior if compounds are enabled and compound subgraphs are supported

  • Context menus for add/remove/rename ports for compounds

  • Double click to edit compound names and port names

  • Use compound name rather than type, regardless of the type as name setting

  • Replaced deprecated omni.graph.core.MetadataKeys references with

  • Replaced deprecated omni.graph.core.get_global_container_graphs references with get_global_orchestration_graphs

  • Replaced deprecated refs with

  • Breadcrumbs should use the compound name rather than the subgraph name

  • Select compound node after creation

  • Moved force_regenerate = True to omni.kit.widget.graph

  • Added RMB menu option to edit a compound

  • Re-enable double-click to enter compounds

  • Prim drop menu was always dropping ReadPrims.

  • OmniGraphView.screen_to_view(), .mouse_to_view() and .mouse_to_screen()

  • Dialog windows in the graph editor not appearing at mouse pointer.

  • Invisible zombie dialog boxes never being destroyed.

  • Collapse nodes to a subgraph compound node

  • Added deprecation warning for bundle attributes without ‘allowMultiInputs’ metadata

  • Deprecated commands: OGSetUsdUINodeGraphNodeAttrCommand, OGRemoveUsdUIPositionAttrCommand

  • too many refreshes when attribute values change

  • Ability to double-click and open up compound nodes

  • Added subgraphs to the list of graphs that can be switched to in the drop-down

  • Fixed issue where connections were always removed when making multiple connections.

  • The node help icon only appears when hovering over the header now and only after a half-second delay.

  • Only clicking with the left mouse button will bring up node help now.

  • Dragging on the help icon won’t bring up help.

  • Type conversion context menu to nodes

  • Added more general way to handle relationship connections

  • Removed implicit multi-connection support for target types. Now relies on allowMultiInputs metadata.

  • Call rebuild node when attributes are resolved

  • ActionGraph Subgraphs created in code or in older versions can be opened without exceptions in the editor.

  • Dragging a prim into the editor and reading bundles now brings in a ReadPrims node

  • Fixed some invalid type hinting.

  • The node context menu now appears even when there is no selected node

  • Added better check for newest mouse position functions

  • Added Actions and Hotkeys for Copy & Paste in OmniGraphs.

  • Variable type changes handle authoring layer mismatches

  • Variable appearance refreshes on type change

  • graph_operations.show_help_for_node_type()

  • Have the node menu and the help icon use the new method.

  • Restore support for a help page to open up when the user clicks on the node type icon

  • Added support for target attributes in editor

  • double-clicking on the empty canvas will now select the Graph

  • Action and hotkey support.

  • Added a context menu for nodes.

  • New connections to bundle ports will remove existing connections.

  • Only utilize the new run_coroutine() method if it exists in omni.kit.async_engine, otherwise revert to asyncio.ensure_future(). This is done for backwards compatibility with Kit 104.2, which doesn’t have the method.

  • Replaced asyncio.ensure_future() call with the new omni.kit.async_engine.run_coroutine() method.

  • Attempts to create connections between incompatible attributes no longer remove the existing connections.

  • Node types now sorted by name in catalog

  • Adds new category and icons for animationGraph and characterSystem.

  • Removed support for the node help icon until some issues can be resolved.

  • OmniGraphNodeTypeCatalogModel init: removing passing of ‘args’ to super init.

  • Remove hardcoded subclass and self arguments in super() init call in the following classes:

    OmniGraphSelectorItemDelegate, OmniGraphSelectorItem and OmniGraphSelectorModel

  • Support for a help page to open up when the user clicks on the node type icon

  • View -> Layout Nodes works again. Or at least as well as it used to.

  • Fixed issue where hidden ports would be shown when node is first created.

  • Merged all of the _get_kit_version() functions in og.window.* into one.

  • Don’t let OmniGraphNodeTypeCatalogModel build the node list until after its __init__() has returned.

  • Don’t cache a new connection until both of the connected nodes have been cached.

  • Filter prop changes from removed prims instead of changed prims.

  • Context menu on ports

  • Promote to Constant, Promote to Variable and Set to/from Variable options

  • Handle the deprecation of the useSchemaPrims preference.

  • Context menu for compound creation

  • Support for compound node styles

  • OM-64076: Update drag and drop and add targets to the Read Prim.

  • literalOnly input ports are no longer shown as ports because they are not connectable

  • Initial support for graphs containing compound nodes

  • Added draw_header_label_left(), draw_header_label_center() and draw_header_label_right() (for OM-61502)

  • Fixed variable read and write widgets not override drag of variable

  • Revert to old way of disabling undo if omni.kit.undo.disabled() is not available.

  • Nodes once again update their colors and tooltips when their error status changes.

  • The fixed version in the omni.kit.commands dependency.

  • Fixing issue where bundle connections show up as fan-in even when they are not

  • Added ability to open graphs when right-clicking on a node in the stage

  • Uses event stream on graph registry instead of the extension manager to refresh node catalog

  • OGSetUsdUINodeGraphNodeAttrCommand and OGRemoveUsdUIPositionAttrCommand have been deprecated in favor of UsdUINodeGraphNodeSetCommand and UsdUIRemovePositionCommand from omni.kit.graph.usd.commands.

  • OM-57134: Fix for renaming tuple variables cause them to be deleted

  • OM-56665: handling fan-in to any attribute type, not represented in UI (moving implementation to base class)

  • OM-56668: Drag and drop multiple prims from stage onto node editor (fix for only dropping “readprimintobundle”)

  • Variable type name is now in Sdf format when its model is initialized

  • Fixed error when reading tooltip for a non-existing variable

  • OM-56668: Drag and drop multiple prims from stage onto node editor

  • VariableNameModel now notifies subscribed widgets only after editing is finished

  • Leak of model on window shutdown

  • Removed the icon tooltip from node catalog items and extended the description tooltip over the icon

  • Added function that can be shared with particle system graph when processing property changes

  • Changed definition of get_item_value_model in catalog_model for new catalog item design

  • Added description to WriteVariable node’s tooltip.

  • Removed view regeneration behavior from the literalOnly metadata key, and hardcoded it for Read/Write Variable nodes.

  • Renaming a variable to an existing name no longer creates a duplicate entry

  • Turned on always_force_regenerate optimization in OmniGraphView

  • dbl-click to rename backdrop

  • Backdrop support

  • ‘description’, ‘size’, ‘display_color’ and ‘stacking_order’ properties to OmniGraphModel

  • is_pseudo_node() and create_backdrop() methods to OmniGraphModel

  • Added dependency on omni.kit.graph.usd.commands

  • Value changes to ui:graphnode:pos & ui:graphnode:expansionState now checked when the graph is dirtied.

  • The ‘ui’ node category is displayed as ‘Ui (BETA)’.

  • Improved node description formatting by using newlines to indicate paragraph breaks

  • When creating default node name from type name, strip out “(BETA)”.

  • Replace all uses of OmniGraphWidget’s ‘_graph_model’ member with base class’s ‘model’.

  • References to ‘_graph_model’ by derived classes will be redirected to ‘model’ and a deprecation warning displayed.

  • Clear the model when the stage is closed rather than when it is opened.

  • Added support for truncated words in node catalog search window

  • Fixed errors being displayed when creating and modifying variables

  • Variable colors in side-panel now match variable node colors

  • Disable dragging for categories

  • Add icon borders for create node drop menu

  • ALT+RMB+Drag for graph zoom

  • Added missing ‘node’ param to header label __draw_header_label()

  • Renamed _draw_header_label(), _draw_header_icon, and _draw_expansion_button() to make them private.

  • Fixed a bug where constant node names are broken

  • Refactored naming utils - moved make_nice_name() from to so that it can be called from everywhere

  • Determine node path from UI name rather than type name, for those nodes that don’t have the UI_NAME metadata

  • Fixed undo/redo for variable description

  • Added support for multiple variable node types

  • Setup default min/max canvas zoom levels.

  • Hide WriteVariable output port

  • Regenerate layout when a LITERAL_ONLY tagged attribute changes

  • Fixed incorrect node type name

  • Variable nodes have custom nodes colored based on variable type

  • Expansion state shows correct state with updated color

  • Made it default that open graph will not pop up an inquiry window in home

  • Issue of deleting graph’s parent making the graph crash

  • Fix the port colors

  • Fix the node type name formatting

  • Updated variable UI to match the latest design

  • Node types marked as hidden only hide in the catalogue, not on the canvas

  • When multiple nodes are selected dragging one now drags them all.

  • Added the ability to change the type of variables after creation

  • Removed the popup to create variables

  • Undoing node layout won’t give an error.

  • Undoing node layout only requires a single undo, not one per node.

  • Duplicated nodes will appear offset from their originals

  • Nodes which are duplicated together will have the same connections between them as their originals

  • Mechanism for registering graph editor extensions to open graphs from the stage widget

  • Optional dependency on __omni.kit.window.quicksearch__ 2.1

  • Added right mouse button menu for connection curve to disconnect selected connection

  • Added some comments about inputs property of _graph_model_

  • Skip the popup question if user clicks on the Create Graph button on toolbar

  • Move the ? button to the right of the toolbar

  • Variables model refreshes properly when the graph is changed

  • Moved the variable editing commands into kit

  • Moved the quicksearch model to individual extensions

  • Default node position with on_drop

  • Added a shortcut from graph editor to preference

  • OmniGraphNodeQuickSearchModel for quick search

  • Tool tips for ports

  • Added dependency on

  • Toolbar icon for graph selector

  • OG editors will now recognize the schema prims (OmniGraph, OmniGraphNode) when they are enabled.

  • OG editors will not recognize ComputeGraph, GlobalComputeGraph or ComputeGraphSettings nodes if schema prims are enabled

  • If a prim has a bogus/non-existent UsdUI expansion state, fall back to a sensible default.

  • Nodes will refresh when dynamic attributes are added or removed

  • Script category icon

  • OmniGraphModel.expansion_state() wasn’t handling prims without UsdUI NodeGraphNodeAPI properly.

  • OmniGraphModel.expansion_state() was using the ‘node_type_name’ property incorrectly.

  • Added variables panel and supporting code

  • Added a Create Graph button to the toolbar

  • Added an Edit Graph button to the toolbar

  • Added a Help button to the toolbar

  • icons for tutorial and constant and animation categories

  • Fix “‘_OmniGraphModel__usd_expansion_state_to_og’ is not defined” error

  • OmniGraphModel.og_expansion_state_to_usd()

  • OmniGraphModel.usd_expansion_state_to_og()

  • Removed ‘usd’ parameter from OmniGraphModel.get_default_node_expansion_state()

  • OmniGraphModel.import_node() was passing tuples instead of strings to get_default_node_expansion_state()

  • An error when Prims are dragged on to stage, and legacy prims are enabled

  • OmniGraphModel.get_default_node_expansion_state()

  • Removed the first underscore from OmniGraphModel’s __connections, __reversed_connections, and __node_connected_ports members, making them available for use by derived classes.

  • Legacy Prim nodes now always display their node names, even when show_name_as_type is True.

  • OM-44798: exclude zombie legacy Prim nodes from OmniGraphModel’s node caches.

  • Add icons to the getter and setter node dialogue

  • A regression where expansion state and View toolbar did not function

  • When delete graph prim from stage panel, the graph editor doesn’t go back to startup screen

  • Fix execution pin icon is 3 pixels too far to the right

  • Clear cached port and connection data when a node is deleted.

  • Setter method for

  • Editing the node’s name by double-clicking on it in the graph now works.

  • Double-clicking the node header won’t put you into edit mode if the header is displaying the node’s type instead of its name.

  • Node tooltip now always shows the node’s name and type, regardless of whether the header itself is showing name or type.

  • OmniGraphModel.get_node_from_prim()

  • Nodes change visual appearance when they have evaluation warnings or errors.

  • Node header tooltip includes the current warning/error message.

  • Fallback category icon

  • Removed Subgraph category

  • undo of connections from legacy Prims

  • Added the catalog delegate

  • Fixed prim node culling override logic

  • Temporarily relax dependency of omni.graph-1.9 to 1.8 to fix older builds of Create

  • Fixed delegate routing issue

  • Fixed dependency on omni.graph-1.9

  • Changed default setting of showNameAsType

  • Added OmniGraphWidget.is_graph_editable to allow filtering of graph selection

  • Bundle connections were not being drawn or connected

  • Minor refactoring

  • Only show nodes in their primary catalog category

  • Changed main widget button layout

  • Minor refactor

  • Changed graph to not use catalog icons

  • Updated fallback icon

  • Factored out some settings and paths to graph_config module

  • Initial commit is migrating code from omni.graph.window.action

  • from 2.0.12 -> 2.0.13

  • Improve layer events handling to only handle interested events.


  • from 1.1.19 -> 1.1.20

  • Updating ssl and curl


  • from 1.0.7 -> 1.0.13

  • OM-104416: Adding a ‘ToggleNoCode’ command to the context menu, this disables the property and hides the field

  • Fixing a bug with the properties panel wiping out button events.

  • OM-101704: Being a bit less thorough, as it breaks the SIGGRAPH demo.

  • OM-103276: Ensure that existing properties aren’t stomped on.

  • OM-101704: Properly cleaning up the viewport UI elements when creating a new stage.

  • Exposing ui.Widget.selected property so that the selected style selector can be used through no-code-ui

  • Ensuring that all valid properties are applied to ui-primitives.


  • from 1.0.7 -> 1.0.13

  • OM-104416: Adding a ‘ToggleNoCode’ command to the context menu, this disables the property and hides the field

  • Fixing a bug with the properties panel wiping out button events.

  • OM-101704: Being a bit less thorough, as it breaks the SIGGRAPH demo.

  • OM-103276: Ensure that existing properties aren’t stomped on.

  • OM-101704: Properly cleaning up the viewport UI elements when creating a new stage.

  • Exposing ui.Widget.selected property so that the selected style selector can be used through no-code-ui

  • Ensuring that all valid properties are applied to ui-primitives.


  • from 2.2.5 -> 2.3.7

  • OM-107252: Link against StreamServerShared instead of StreamServerRtc.

  • OM-106027: Send clipboard contents to the client in response to ‘clipboard contents set’ events instead of ctrl+c / ctrl+x shortcuts.

  • OM-106843: Exposed setting for streaming server output directory.

  • OM-67525: Don’t perform potentially expensive cuda operations unless we’re actively streaming.

  • OM-96889: Support for copy text from the server to paste in the client using ctrl+x.

  • OM-96889: Support for copy/pasting text from the server to the client.

  • OM-96889: Support for copy/pasting text from the client to the server.


  • from 1.2.8 -> 1.2.11

  • Don’t show bake material option when import distill extension failed.

  • Strip off file: prefix from path picked from file browser.

  • Disable options that are not supported by obj exporter.


  • from 2.4.14 -> 2.4.18

  • OM-107234: Fix issue that cannot upload folder.

  • OM-107028: Avoid clipping options panel and other minor improvements.

  • OM-103524: Strip off file: prefix for File -> Import to keep back-compatibility.

  • OM-101111: Made import a publicly accessible Python function and also defined it as an Action.


  • from 105.1.0 -> 105.1.1

  • OM-101932: Fixed startup tool not reading the persistent app setting versus extension-level setting.


  • from 2.2.8 -> 2.2.15

  • Read default farm queue and job type for ovc deployment from settings service.

  • Add validate_usd setting to toggle sanity check of usd file.

  • Tune the text on the unsaved changes prompt and unify the title format of the prompts.

  • Allow users to submit a render job with unsaved USD file to Farm if they really want to.

  • Disables movie capture during live session.

  • Adds “sequencer camera” to the “cameras” menu and selects it when “sequencer camera sync” is on.

  • Added notification prompting Users to save any pending changes to the USD Stage prior to submitting a rendering task to Omniverse Farm.

  • Unify the name for the farm_job_name setting


  • from 2.3.4 -> 2.4.1

  • OM-98697: Registry hotkey with omni.kit.hotkeys.core if enabled to rebound key when required

  • request_to_execute removes FLAG_WANT_CAPTURE_KEYBOARD bits from key modifier

  • Don’t allow the root item to be collapsed if the TreeView was built with root_visible=False


  • from 105.0.3 -> 105.0.5

  • OM-102415 - Add scrollingframe to ui panel.

  • OM-102758 - Fixed Section tool showing in a newly opened scene regardless if a section is available.

  • Refactored Scene code to only require a single model – refreshes on stage open event.


  • from 105.1.9 -> 105.1.10

  • Fix graph access in solver node template.


  • from 1.1.1 -> 1.2.1

  • Default paths are pointing to S3 assets

  • from 0.9.4 -> 0.11.0

  • Added asgi_correlation_id==4.2.0 PIP library.


  • from 105.0.3 -> 105.0.5

  • Color space metadata

  • Package resolution for Nucleus URLs


  • from 105.1.8 -> 105.1.10

  • Changed metadata version

  • Fixed issue we stale reference url


  • from 0.2.2 -> 0.3.5

  • Default location for warehouse assets

  • UI to configure default path to use for the warehouse assets.

  • Code completely redone to use Modular Warehouse Assets.

  • Dropped support for filing the inside of the warehouse


  • from 0.7.0 -> 0.8.1

  • Update for UI 0.8.1

  • SkelBindingAPIAppliedChecker added: Rule ensuring UsdSkel.BindingAPI is applied.

  • Fix Location empty for anonymous layers.

  • Type Checker should ignore /Render* prims.

  • Crash when using OmniMaterialUsdPreviewSurfaceChecker

  • PrimEncapsulationChecker: Add problem location.

  • OmniDefaultPrimChecker: Change descriptions.

  • NormalMapTextureChecker: Add problem location.


  • from 1.49.0 -> 1.55.0

  • Bug with compute-on-request nodes in subgraphs


  • from 2.0.3 -> 2.0.4

  • Moved files out of LFS for easier management


  • from 2.139.5 -> 2.139.7

  • Auto instancing management on reload_from_stage

  • Graph::ReloadFromStage preserves instance references


  • from 1.99.0 -> 1.106.3

  • Change ReadPrims to more closely match the ImportUSDPrim imported attributes.

  • Crash in GetPrimLocalToWorldTransform

  • OgnReadPrimsV2 now always requests a node update whenever any of its tracked prims change, making it usable in dirty-push graphs.

  • ReadPrimsV2 skinned points are not synchronized from CPU to GPU

  • Enhanced USD change tracker and ReadPrimsV2 to track ancestors and descendants for incrementally updating the world matrix and local bound


  • from 1.46.2 -> 1.48.0

  • Don’t require omni.kit.window.extensions. Only enable the bits which use it if it’s already loaded.

  • Use platform-agnostic omni.kit.clipboard instead of pyperclip


  • from 1.1.3 -> 1.1.4

  • Remove gl_VertexID usage from GLSL to mitigate intel GPU compatibility issues.


  • from 1.3.5 -> 1.3.7

  • Fixed the sequencer cameras don’t play issue by forcing the use sequencer camera setting to be true during capture

  • Fixed the camera hiding not working issue


  • from 1.0.2 -> 1.0.3

  • OM-96889: Fallback clipboard implementation to use when glfw fails to initialize in headless Linux environments.


  • from 1.0.4 -> 1.0.5

  • Improve layer events handling to only handle interested events.


  • from 1.0.3 -> 1.0.4

  • Improve layer events handling to only handle interested events.


  • from 1.0.21 -> 1.0.25

  • Update openssl

  • Resolves issue with PM API when querying hyphenated DC names


  • from 1.2.2 -> 1.3.0

  • OM-102413: Add setting for hotkey allow list

  • OM-97180: Add setting to globally disable all hotkeys

  • from 1.1.2 -> 1.1.4

  • removed help menu icons

  • updated help menu URLs and added settings for overriding

  • from 1.5.0 -> 1.5.3

  • Adjust pre submenu arrow size/spacing

  • Adjust tick size & spacing

  • Adjust submenu arrow size/spacing

  • Adjust root menu spacing

  • Added more spacing overrides


  • from 1.0.13 -> 1.0.14

  • Fix issue that creates meshes offset them by 50m instead of 0.5m in meter units.

  • from 1.2.9 -> 1.2.10

  • Update to include “proxyPrim”

  • from 1.3.9 -> 1.3.10

  • Changed silent exception message

  • from 3.21.5 -> 3.21.9

  • Better handling of exceptions

  • Fixed SdfRelationshipArrayItemModel to handle None item

  • Fixed SdfAssetPathArrayAttributeItemModel to handle None item


  • from 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2

  • Update time(zero) when playing stop


  • from 2.2.4 -> 2.2.6

  • Re-pathing locked states inside customLayerData.

  • Fix collecting UDIM textures in MDL.


  • from 2.1.16 -> 2.1.17

  • Improve layer event handling to only handle interested events.


  • from 1.0.13 -> 1.0.14

  • Remove SdfPrimSpec from session layer for usd-camera-mesh on newer versions of USD.


  • from 105.1.6 -> 105.1.7

  • Fixed get_material_name to use omni.kit.material.library


  • from 2.3.33 -> 2.3.34

  • OM-104875: Don’t show recycle widget.


  • from 1.0.1 -> 1.1.2

  • OM-104857: Change style and behavior

  • Add triangle in button area

  • Left click or Right click to show menu

  • Double click or middle click to toggle

  • Left + Hold does not work any more

  • New keyword argument “menu_width” to set popup menu width

  • Press and holding shorter to show popup menu

  • Show background when selected


  • from 1.8.1 -> 1.8.3

  • Fixes crash - Only call placer.invalidate_raster when dragging nodes, not when creating a new node.

  • Kwarg “raster_nodes” for GraphView should work if set False (nothing to setting “/exts/omni.kit.widget.graph/raster_nodes”)


  • from 1.6.24 -> 1.6.26

  • Fixed expand/collapse tree menu items

  • Improve layer event handling to only handle interested events.

  • from 2.1.2 -> 2.1.3

  • Improve layer events handling to only handle interested events.


  • from 1.2.12 -> 1.2.13

  • Improve layer events handling to only handle interested events.


  • from 1.0.11 -> 1.1.0

  • Added device auth flow for cases when kit is running headless or in OVC environment


  • from 1.0.2 -> 1.0.5

  • Add extra spacer in title bar to make sure menu window has min width

  • Add extra spacer after text

  • New keyword argument “width” to set popup menu item width

  • Style updated


  • from 2.9.0 -> 2.9.2

  • Improve sorting inside stage widget to take consideration of order suffix.

  • Improve layer events handling to only handle interested events.


  • from 1.5.4 -> 1.5.6

  • OM-101580: Fixed PlayButtonGroup clean() attempting to execute a function call if None.

  • OM-101580: Fixed error accessing _play_button and _stop_button. Fix Hotkey error where button is created before callback(s)


  • from 1.4.3 -> 1.4.4

  • Use platform-agnostic omni.kit.clipboard instead of pyperclip


  • from 2.7.13 -> 2.7.14

  • Filter popup menu width fix to 150


  • from 1.2.0 -> 1.3.0

  • OM-105747: Add setting for raster-nodes for GraphView in dependencies and set to False by default because of known issue with huge nodes

  • Fixed trash icon path

  • Filter: do not hide popup menu when filter changed


  • from 1.3.18 -> 1.3.20

  • Moved Throttle Rendering preferences to Developer Section


  • from 105.1.4 -> 105.1.8

  • Scale factor argument for UV Generation operation supported in JSON configs

  • Operation reporting is on by default for interactive execution

  • Crashes when deduplicating Materials within Payloads have been fixed


  • from 105.1.2 -> 105.1.3

  • Operation arguments can define conditional enable state logic.

  • New Merge Results GUI for easier debugging of merge operations.

  • A Security Warning dialog is shown when loading config files that contain python scripts.

  • Prune Leaf Xforms operation can now be filtered by prim path.

  • Preliminary visualization of Operation feedback reports

  • Explicit stage for commands

  • Decouple UI from core

  • New operation to execute a python script on a Usd Stage

  • New operation to Generate Projection UVs on a Usd Stage

  • Updated how json files are exported, now have better readability

  • Added Split Meshes operation

  • UI exposes tolerance value for geometry deduplication.

  • UI improvements for “Process Point Clouds” operation.

  • Command names prefixes changed from “DataAdapter” to “SceneOptimizer”

  • Added “Parent Prim” option to “Merge Boundary” argument of “Merge Static Meshes” operation

  • First version of 104.1

  • Updated arguments for Merge Static Meshes

  • Minor UI bug fixes

  • Added confirmation dialog before clearing processes

  • UI look and feel improvements

  • New icons

  • Added Center Pivot command

  • Update DataAdapter UI per UX design

  • Added Compute Extents command

  • Added Optimize Materials command

  • Added Print Stage Stats command

  • Added new options to Merge/Deduplicate commands based on core features

  • Commands now show a readable display name

  • Arguments now show tooltips

  • Removed some unnecessary commands

  • Move menu to Window->Utilities.

  • Specifying which version of *.core we depend on

  • Added default values in UI and the ability to make features mutually exclusive

  • Renamed to

  • Moved UI to standalone extension


  • from 2.15.8 -> 2.16.8

  • Clipping of tooltips in CanvasFrame.

  • Clipping rectangle issue in CanvasFrame preventing visual artifacts on Linux with Vulkan.

  • update ui.Image and ui.VectorImageProvider to support omni paths

  • Fixed moveToNewOSWindow issue with zero width/height windows

  • update ui.Menu submenu overlapping current menu in non-legacy mode as it sometimes didn’t prevent overlapping menus.

  • Ability to get exact content width and height from labels

  • ImageProvider python binding to set the image data from an texture handle pointer


  • from 1.6.11 -> 1.6.12

  • Setting sc.Widget.resolution_width/sc.Widget.resolution_height runtime.


  • OM-104870: Fix some menu item doesn’t appear after right clicking inside content window issue


  • OM-101352: Update Super Res capture preferences UI order

  • OM-104080: Move Throttle Rendering preferences to Developer Section

  • OM-109272: Remove help menu icons

  • OM-109272: Update help menu URLs


  • OM-106331: Invalidate_raster crash fix

  • OM-105747: Add setting for raster-nodes for GraphView in dependencies


  • OM-108528: Make extensions win optional.

  • OM-107069: Fix kit targeting in OG extensions

  • OM-101451: Fix bug with compute-on-request nodes in subgraphs

  • OM-101720: Enable bundle outputs on compounds

  • OM-99390: Compounds resolved types

  • OM-101584: Remove unneeded async_engine dependencies

  • OM-99152: Don’t allow subgraphs to be deleted.

  • OM-77933: Add doc index generator


  • OM-104941: [omni.hydra.pxr] Fix issues with upside down image on Intel drivers with Vulkan backend.


  • OM-101709: Fix viewport material name parsing


  • OM-105712: Change ReadPrims to more closely match the ImportUSDPrim imported attributes.

  • OM-102743: Fix crash in GetPrimLocalToWorldTransform

  • OM-101986: ReadPrimsV2: skinned points are not synchronized to GPU memory

  • OM-96735: Read Prims: ref count the previous paths stored in the state


  • OM-106955: [omni.kit.registry.nucleus] mitigate ext cache corruption

  • [omni.kit.registry.nucleus] add support for https package URLs


  • OM-94455, OM-105946: [omni.ui, omni.kit.renderer.core] Mitigate crashing due to undefined behavior.

  • OM-94817: [omni.ui] Fix issue overwriting resource returned from ensureRpResourceOnTargetDevice.

  • OM-104567: [omni.ui] Fixed the clipping of tooltips

  • OM-100273: [omni.ui] Fix Clipping Rectangle Issue on Vulkan in CanvasFrame

  • OM-103275: fix omni.ui to load svg from omni-client paths

  • OM-100654: fix crashes in moveToNewOSWindow

  • OM-95023: [omni.ui] Restore always putting DynamicTexture on all devices.

  • OM-98189: update ui.Menu submenu overlapping current menu in non-legacy mode

  • OM-100852: Add ability to get exact width and height of text in a label

  • OM-100852: Add ability to get exact width and height of text in a label


  • OM-104875: Don’t show recycle widget in content browser


  • OM-103117: Fix a crash in auto instancing when reloading a graph

  • OM-97363: Bundle asymmetry - update connect and disconnect prim


  • OM-96889: Added a fallback clipboard implementation to use when glfw fails to initialize in a headless Linux environment.


  • OM-104857: Change style and behavior for filter button

  • OM-103552: Property window & context menu - better handling of exceptions

  • OM-104080: Move Throttle Rendering preferences to Developer Section


  • OM-103088: Fix for the sequencer cameras not playing.

  • OM-103438: [omni.kit.capture.viewport] Fix issue locking Viewport out of toggling by writing incorrect settings and importing private implementations.


  • OM-103397: Fixed layer widget expand/collapse tree menu items

  • OM-98766: Improve notification for overrides in stronger layer


  • OM-101605: omni.kit.window.extensions fixed trash icon path


  • OM-103522: Re-pathing locked states inside customLayerData

  • OM-103210: Fix UDIM textures collect issue in MDL

  • OM-101533: Fix flat collection issue, which maps wrong paths for MDLs


  • OM-101323: Skip materialx processing if surface:mtlx port is not connected


  • OM-101580: Fixes the PlayButtonGroup clean() attempting to execute a function call if None.

  • OM-101580: Fixed error accessing _play_button and _stop_button.


  • OM-103706: Make __get_all_stage_items_from_cache to be protected function to fix auto reload

  • OM-91569: Improve name sort for StageWidget to take consideration of order suffix


  • OM-93094: Adjusted alignment on omni.kit.window.stats


  • OM-102899: Fixed full transformation matrix transform with units resolve ops

  • OM-54167: Fix visibility command for toggling visibility to timesampled prims

  • OM-26252: More improvements to show notifications for stronger overrides


  • OM-103324, OM-75488: More improvements to merge permission management


  • OM-102413: Add hotkey allow list

  • OM-97180: Hotkeys Global Override

  • OM-101878: Adjusted root menu spacing

  • OM-98392: More fix to avoid multiple follow user menu items

  • OM-100261: Improve layers event handling to only handle interested events


  • OM-94926: [omni.ui.scene] Fixed sc.Widget resize issue

  • OM-99605: [omni.ui.scene_view] Put UV coordinates back to upside down.


  • OM-90810, OM-99488: Improvements to omni.kit.documentation.builder, omni.kit.welcome.whats_new

  • OM-97956: early out if no menu layouts

  • OM-100961: Remove API (python) section from docs


  • OM-97765: Add doc for omni.kit.welcome.window

  • OM-94463: Material property use explicit ordering of parameters