The standard formats used in Omniverse is USD for scenes and MDL for materials. Most users will need to convert their content to be usable in omniverse if coming from external applications. Luckily, Omniverse offers several ways to manage such content.

Asset Converter

Apps in omniverse are loaded with the Asset Converter extension. With it, users can convert models into USD using the Asset Converter service. Below is a list of formats it can convert to USD.





Autodesk FBX Interchange File

Common 3D model saved in the Autodesk Filmbox format


Object File Format

Common 3D Model format


GL Transmission Format File

Common 3D Scene Description


Specialized connectors offer a more finely tuned conversion process. Through connectors, native files are directly translated to usd.


Because connected applications often have numerous file conversion capabilities, a path to even the most obscure formats may be possible via various connectors.


NVIDIA has developed a custom schema in USD to represent material assignments and specify material parameters. In Omniverse, these specialized USD’s get an extension change to .MDL signifying that it is represented in NVIDIA’s open-source MDL (Material Definition Language).

MDL Texture Formats Accepted

MDL Materials throughout Omniverse can accept texture files in the following formats.





Bitmap Image File

Common image format developed by Microsoft.


DirectDraw Surface

Microsoft DirectX format for textures and environments.



High Dynamic Range format developed by Industrial Light and Magic


Graphical Interchange Format File

Common color constrained lossless web format developed by CompuServe.


High Dynamic Range Image File

High Dynamic Range format developed by Industrial Light and Magic.


Joint Photographic Experts Group

Common “lossy” compressed graphic format.


Joint Photographic Experts Group

Common “lossy” compressed graphic format.


Target Image File Format

Common “lossless” and “lossy” graphic format.


Portable Network Graphics File

Common “lossless” compressed graphics format.


Adobe Photoshop Document

The native format for Adobe Photoshop documents.


Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter

High Quality raster graphic format developed by Avid Technology |