Audio2Face (A2F) Menu

Menu Item


A2F Pipeline

Adds a connected set of modules for Regular or Full-Face A2F.

Audio Player

Creates a new Audio Player.

A2F Core

Creates a new instance of the Audio2Face Network.

Head Template

Adds a default A2F head asset to the scene.

A2F Data Conversion

Shows/hides the A2F Data Conversion panel, which provides export and format functionality.

Audio2Face Tool

Shows/hides the Audio2Face Tool panel.

Character Transfer Tool

Shows/hides the Character Transfer panel.

Open Demo Scene

Opens a scene with your selected Audio2Face Core and audio player.

Reset Current Scene

Resets all modified settings for the current scene.

Reset Workspace Layout

Resets the interface layout to its default sizes and arrangement.

Rebuild TensorRT

Rebuilds the TensorRT engine.