Mesh Menu

The Mesh menu provides access to common mesh actions:

Menu Item


Freeze Transformations

Freezes the transformations of selected objects and transfers, or applies, those transformations to the objects’ data

Mesh Separate

Extracts disconnected geometry into separate meshes

Mesh Extract By Subsets

Extracts UsdGeomSubset objects into their own, separate meshes

Freeze Transformations

Freezing an object’s transform (XForm) resets its position, rotation, and scale while keeping the object in place. As a result, its origin is placed at the world’s origin. This operation is applied to selected objects and all their child nodes:

Freeze Transformations resets all xformOps, including:

  • TRS

  • Pivot

  • Transform

  • Orient

It excludes disabled xformOps.


Freeze Transformations only works for Xform and UsdGeomMesh objects.

Mesh Separate

Many modeling applications support combining and separating meshes. The Audio2Face fitting procedure for setting up skin and tongue meshes doesn’t support combined meshes with disconnected geometry. Use Mesh Separate to extract disconnected geometry into separate meshes:

Human model. Human model with separated meshes.

Mesh Extract By Subsets

A UsdGeomSubset encodes a subset of a piece of geometry as a set of indices. Use Mesh Extract By Subsets to extract each subset into its own, separate mesh. The resulting mesh uses the original name of the GeomSubSet.


Subsets are user-defined and can contain additional separable geometry. If Character Setup issues a warning after extracting the subsets, that means the subset still includes separable geometry. To solve this problem, run Mesh Separate to extract all the disconnected geometry into separate meshes.

USD geometry subsets for the human model. Separated meshes for the human model.