Use the Emotion widget to control the facial emotions of your character.





The emotion the character projects as they speak their line. These include Neutral, Anger, Joy, and Sadness.

Emotion Strength

A numerical value that represents how much impact the emotion has on the character. (0.0 means no impact. 1.0 means maximum impact.)


Sets the selected emotion’s strength to 1.0 and the strength of all other emotions to 0.0.

Clear Emotion Strength

Sets the selected emotion’s strength to 0.0, including across all keyframes.


Shows the character’s emotional change over time using keyframes. (Click to jump to a frame. Click and drag to scrub through the frames.)

Previous Key

Jump to the previous key in the timeline.

Next Key

Jump to the next key in the timeline.


The currently-selected frame in the timeline.

Add Keyframe

Adds a new keyframe at the currently-selected frame in the timeline. The keyframe saves the emotion strength settings so your character’s emotions can change over time.

Remove Keyframe

Removes the selected keyframe.

Clear Keyframes

Removes all keyframes from the timeline.