Known Limitations

  • Delete Correspondence button only works on single specified setup.

  • Tongue correspondence is not adjustable at this time.

  • Audio2Emotion is not yet supported by the Streaming Audio Player.

Users may encounter issues using older sample files due to Omnigraph changes from previous to recent Schema. An auto conversion of old scenes to new Omnigraph Schema occurs, but sometimes that process leaves behind this /World/__graphUsingSchemas. If you encounter problems - Look for this node in the stage viewer and delete it. Save your scene as a new file and reopen.

In some situations A2F may fail to load due to conflicts. Try the following if A2F fails to load correctly.

  • If a user has torch installed by another Kit app (not just pure torch, but from a Kit app), then it will conflict with A2F (due to cuBLAS)

  • In A2F, omni.warp loads torch even if it is not used.

  • To Remove Torch Look for this pip3-env folder and remove it.

  • C:Progra C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalovdataKitAudio2Face2022.1pip3-envs

  • C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalovdataKitAudio2Face2022.1pip3-envs

  • We are following up with a hotfix shortly.