• Adds a new UI for managing deformers on the Stage

  • Adds support for Multi Blendshape Solve nodes

  • Adds CharTransfer head template

  • Resets CharTransfer Bind Button

  • Adds Region Based CharTransfer

  • Adds BlendShape Generation Support for ARKit Blendshapes

  • Adds default fields for A2F full face pipeline connections

  • Adds undo support for tools.


  • Resolves Hotkeys conflict with default kit hotkeys fixes

  • Fixes Mesh separate UV and improves mesh handling

  • Fixes USD Exporter

  • Fixes Mesh Stamp UVs

  • Updates Mesh correspondence display


  • Updates Kit to 104.1.

  • Updates Warp to 0.6.1.

  • Improvements to audio file path handling