Use the Tools widget to see the available fitted mesh for the post wrap process.

The Character Transfer tool's Tools widget.



  • Skin Template

Import the skin mesh templates.

  • Jaw/Tongue Template

Adds the templates for jaw and tongue to the current stage.

Delete setup

Removes all Character Transfer related nodes and connections as well as reset the meshes to Audio2Face neutral state.

Delete Correspondence

Deletes all user created correspondence points assigned to the meshes.

Prox UI

Opens the Prox Interface for setting a prox deformer. Use this to assign meshes such as eye brows and such additional face meshes you want to deform with the skin.

Set Eye Pivot

Computes the rotation pivot of an eyeball. Groups the Selected Mesh(es) under an Xform. The first selected mesh is used as a reference for the computation.

Reset Bind State

Resets the selected result mesh to it’s default shape.

Prox UI

This UI expose some of the parameters available for the creation of Prox deformer. They are still adjustable later on the Prox deformer node.

The Prox UI panel.



Use Max Distance

Toggle for considering Max Distance field below to set the weights of the deformer.

Max Distance

The cutoff distance of each driven point to the driver mesh surface. This field is disabled until the Use Max Distance checkbox above is enabled.


Toggle to enable Rigid Mode binding. When enabled, each polygon island/patch will be kept rigid and not stretching/compressing when following the driver mesh.

Rigid - Mode

Show the available options on how the reference transform is searched from for each of the rigid polygon island/patch.

The Prox UI panel with the rigid option selected.