Release Notes

Audio2Face 2023.2 Release Highlights

This release of Audio2Face, version 2023.2.0 introduces significant Blend Shape quality improvements and expands on the export capabilities which enables all motion generated by the Audio2Face network to be exported. The Blend Shape Face Tuner gives the user more control and a stronger shape output with the ability to optimize the weight offsets driving your character. Improved Blink weights and transforms for the Eye and Jaw are also exportable. In addition It has never been easier to transfer a facial animation performance from Audio2Face to your own unique characters as the Mesh fitting process has been further simplified, providing the ability to Automatically generate Correspondence points.


Auto Correspondence

  • Auto Detection provides the ability to Automatically generate 25 Correspondence points in the mesh fitting process.

  • Interactive Detection allows the user to set five initial guide points and auto detect the remaining 20.

Expanded Export options

  • Jaw and Eye joint transform data can be exported from the A2F data conversion tab.

Face Tuner Node

  • The “Tuner” node allows the modification of the blendshape weights using gain & offset, so you can amplify/reduce/offset some pose weights as the user desires.

  • Modifying the weight output allows the user to compensate for divergent ranges of motion on the receiving assets blendshapes setup.


Note Please be aware of the following change in the Livelink UE plugin workflow and documentation - The name of the directory to copy/paste is no longer called “OmniverseLiveLink” Please copy and paste the “ACE” directory instead.

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