Audio2Face 2022.1.1 introduces hotfixes for the following issues.

  • OM-60167 Character Setup - Eye Field selections not saved / lost on load.

  • OM-59915 CharTransfer test failed due to deprecation on last warp v0.4.0.

  • OM-59341 It takes more than 3 minutes for Audio2Face to launch.

  • OM-59224 When Character Setup duplicates the eyes some geometry settings are lost.

  • OM-58440 Set new kit version in title bar.

  • OM-58448 Eyelid offset parameter is loaded with a negated value.

  • OM-58451 Riva TTS produce bad stream audio.

  • OM-58485 Fail to attach Eyes xform prim to A2F Instance.

  • OM-5444 Issue with loading audio from OV server.

  • OM-59465 CharTransfer Axis arrow doesn’t update when user changes camera.

  • OM-59464 Ability to handle different blendshape orders.

  • OM-58442 new a2f launcher description update.

  • OM-57780 Fixed issue that prevented Audio2Face from loading on vGPU A40.

New Tutorials

Mesh tools - A more detailed look at the functions of mesh tools.