2021.3.1 Highlights

Export to Metahuman and Blendshape Solver symmetry option.

Audio2Face 2021.3.1 release brings important updates to the Blendshape conversion process by including a “pose Symmetry” option and the much anticipated support for Epic Games, Unreal Engine 4 - Metahuman. Support is provided via the Omniverse Unreal Engine Connector version 103.1 which can be found in the OV launchers “exchange” tab and under the “connectors” list. To see the entire end to end process - From Audio2Face - to setup within UE4 and Metahuman - please watch the video tutorial found at NV On Demand This is initial version supports MetaHuman via the Blendshape conversion process and export to USDskelanim format. The UE4 connector will allow you to import your audio2face generated animation to setup on a UE4 Metahuman character.