• OM-114463 Add option to keep or remove blendshape during rig transfer.

  • OM-104443 Update blendshape solve example files to get blink_weight value.

  • OM-103933 A2F Expose ability to export Tuned blendshapes value from the Array mapper.

  • OM-99003 A2F auto feature detection / face marker.

  • OM-98809 A2F pop up warning for new AI model Tab.


  • OM-114512 [A2F] test failure - TransferRigCommand.

  • OM-114317 Live recording stops working on Face Animation.

  • OM-113800 LiveLink receiver stops working after save and reopen on avatar stream app.

  • OM-113601 Transfer Skin tool in charTransfer errors out when source_mesh doesn’t have any blendshapes.

  • OM-112302 A2F LiveStream output is not compatible to UE plugin nor avatarStream.

  • OM-111938 CUDA error copying points.

  • OM-111846 A2F - Allisons Left eye is Black after running character Setup.

  • OM-105501 Exporting Blend Shapes after creating A2F Pipeline generates wrong blend shapes.

  • OM-104650 Sending a second gRPC Stream to A2F resets the UI and stops solving facial animation.

  • OM-104264 A2F Error when streaming audio player to stream audio out.

  • OM-95554 A2F New template updates with the last frame of previously opened.

  • OM-111828 Remove timesamples from Allison scene perspective camera.


  • OM-110601 Move BS and Skin Transfer and hide occluded polygon tool to charTransfer.

  • OM-111634 Update Mark and Claire default demo scene to use WritePrimsV2.