omni.usd.stitch_prim_specs(stage: Stage, prim_path: Union[str, Path], target_layer: Layer, target_prim_path: str = None, include_references_or_payloads=False)

Sitches prim specs specified by path scattered in all sublayers and all its children to target layer.

  • stage (Usd.Stage) – Stage handle.

  • prim_path (str) – Prim path to be stitched.

  • target_layer (Sdf.Layer) – Target layer to save the stitching results.

  • target_prim_path (str) – Target prim path. If it’s empty or none, it will be the prim_path.

  • include_references_or_payloads – If prim is defined inside references or payloads, and this is True, it will also stitch the defs from references or payloads, too.