omni.usd.set_prop_val(prop: Property, val: Any, time_code=Usd.TimeCode.Default(), auto_target_layer: bool = True)

Sets the value of property.

  • prop (Usd.Property) – Property handle.

  • val (Any) – Value of property.

  • time_code (Usd.TimeCode) – Time code to set, and it’s Usd.TimeCode.Default() by default.

  • auto_target_layer (bool) – Default is True. If it’s true, it will be authored into the sesison layer if the prim of the property is defined in the session layer. If it’s not defined in the session layer, it will find the property inside the session layer to check if there are overrides. If overrides are found, the value will be authored into the found layer instead. Otherwise, it will be authored into the current edit target.