omni.usd.get_introducing_layer(prim: Prim) Tuple[Layer, Path]

Gets the introducing layer.

This function will find the local layer that defines this prim, or the first introducing layer that introduces the prim into the local layer stack if prim is defined in a reference or payload.

An introducting layer is the layer that adds the prim into the composition graph. The difference of this function to Usd.PrimCompositionQuery is that it will return the first local layer where the prim is defined. If it’s not defined locally, it will find the reference or payload arcs with Usd.PrimCompositionQuery to find the first introducing layer and its introducing prim path in the local layer stack.


prim (Usd.Prim) – Prim handle


Introducing layer and its introducing prim path.

Return type

Tuple[Sdf.Layer, Sdf.Path]