Extend Omniverse


With Extensions you can build reusable components and tools. They are the building blocks of Omniverse and they add features to the Omniverse platform. Each extension is written in Python or C++ using Omniverse Kit SDK. Developers have a lot of flexibility when coding an Extension, which can be as simple as a tool for assigning materials to models or as complex as an entire visual scripting system like OmniGraph.

Extensions do not operate on their own, instead they live inside of an Omniverse Kit Application. When a developer builds an Application, they do so by packaging extensions together.

Why create an Extension?

Consider creating an extension when you need a reusable component or tool. The scope of an Extension can be something as simple as randomizing object positions or as complicated as a viewport renderer. Think of an extension as a plugin.

Learn to Develop Extensions


Read our getting started guide and tutorials.

Deep Learning Institute

Take one of our courses from the Deep Learning Institute, NVIDIA’s interactive learning platform.

Video Tutorials

Watch our getting started tutorials.

Example Extensions

Browse through an extensive list of Extension examples and templates, created by NVIDIA and the Omniverse community.