Kit 106.0 Beta Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Date: May 2024


  • OM-114190: Fix missing StageEventType::eAssetsLoaded event after toggling asyncRendering.

  • OM-119153: Changes for UsdMaterialWatcher to display MaterialX parameters.

  • OM-118085: Handle relative resources from Mtlx SDK 1.38.8.

  • OM-117481: Fix deadlock occuring when transitioning from asynchronous to synchronous rendering.

  • OM-115401: Workaround to avoid flushing colorSpace value when inserting a new sublayer.

  • OM-117033: Fix line break issue in custom data of MDL.

  • OM-111368: Fix MGPU Crash when maximizing the app.

  • OM-103724: Speed up selection of deep hierarchies.

  • OM-107383: Keep UX of deselecting prims from stage window consistent when FSD enabled.

  • OM-93356: Fix material property does not get updated when sourceAsset and/or subidentifier is changed.

  • OM-107357: Remove seemingly-problematic compile calls.

  • OM-106271: Update connection/disconnection logic to consider canonical types.

  • OM-106562, OM-106555, OM-105921, OM-103395: Handle mismatch between number of results requested and number of results delivered.

  • OM-104668: Fixing frameIndex overflow, updating realm’s process assignment.

  • OM-105267: Clear zoom when a new stage is loaded.

  • OM-103931: Move DLSS-G force show subframe functionality into DlssgContext.

  • OM-103843: Add support to UsdMaterialAttributesFromMdl.h for unused and deprecated annotations.

  • OM-101323: Skip MaterialX processing if surface:mtlx port is not connected.


  • OM-120394: Remove execution graph compilation prior to executing.

  • OMREQ-56, OM-122676: OmniGraph respect renderer CUDA device selection.

  • Use eRelationship baseType for bundleattrib added via BundlePrim::addRelationship.

  • OM-70761, OM-99045, OM-99046, OM-116674, OM-116826: Enable OG nodes to define custom interface implementations and clean up Lazy Graph.

  • OM-117621, OM-117622: Allow auto instancing graph setting.

  • OM-117492: Replace handles with fabric::Path.

  • OM-116989: Deprecate access to child bundles by index.

  • OM-116647: Prevent registering useless callback.

  • OM-116059: Allows to set custom fabric backing for a target mapped attribute.

  • OM-118486: Pre-process task refactoring and moving OG change updates into its own pre-process task.

  • OM-116247: Provide getBundle and getBundles overloaded functions for IBundleFactory.

  • OMPRW-71: Fix invalid type in OGN.

  • OM-116285: Fix releasing node interface referenced by existing graph.

  • OM-114725: OM-114464: OM-114465: OM-114467: OM-114468: Log an error when registering a node built with a more recent framework than the one used in the running app.

  • OM-90767: Revive runtime node type check.

  • OM-85240: Keep a ref to the target paths as token.

  • OM-113947: Fix when trying to access a graph target with an invalid index.

  • OM-113518: Added safety checks when creating nodes from prims.

  • OM-113621: Fix hang when registering an inexistent relative path to the USD listener.

  • OM-93403: Fix unmapping deferred mapping.

  • OM-109017: Fix crashes when accessing disposed variables.

  • OM-112454: Made UniqueQueue thread safe.

  • OM-93403: OM-83134: Query-Compute: adds the ability to run a graph on a view with mapped attributes.

  • OM-111670: Fix crash in scene with Path attributes.

  • OM-110707: Fixed InstanceState data not being properly deleted on nodes in compound graphs.

  • OM-102879: Exclude compound node graph from being parsed during OG stage attach.

  • OM-100258, OM-100798: Reduce the startup time for OmniGraph (native changes).

  • OM-110007: Fix graph instances removal.

  • OM-108141: Fix bump bundle dirty id for write flag for getArraySizes for CPU and GPU.

  • OM-108613: Fix to Update OmniGraph Time Globals.

  • OM-108745: Add renderSchedulerGraph support of hybrid renderGraph.

  • OM-99347: Fix crash when accessing invalid attribute.

  • OM-107592: Invalid type connections on load.

  • OM-105199: Improve performance of clearing changes when change tracking is inactive.

  • OM-98625: Fix pre-render graph regression.

  • OM-103117: Fix a crash in auto instancing when relaoding a graph.

  • OM-104195: Fix compound nodes port renaming causing unresolves.

  • Update to latest NanoVDB and fix several Linux compiler warnings.

  • OM-100540: Fix node removal bug that appears in ScriptNode.

  • OM-101615: Suppress Fabric warnings when bundles are removed.

  • OM-97363: Bundle asymmetry - update connect and disconnect prim.

  • OM-108281, OM-107208: Fix hangs in OmniGraph when other extensions are loaded.

  • OM-121369: Extend number of digits displayed beyond the decimal for WGS84.

  • OM-123126: Fixed incorrect default value for visibleInPrimaryRay.

  • OM-119931: Fixed control states.

  • OM-117601: Fixed AmbientSound prim throws property window error.

  • OM-56756: Added ability to rename prims from property panel field.

  • OMFP-3741: Unquote special characters for Property’s Payload Asset Path Field.

  • OM-118469: Added modal_window option to RelationshipTargetPicker.

  • OMPRW-901: Fixed clearing value for xformOp:scale breaks property widget.

  • OMPRW-827: Fix PayloadReferenceWidget stall due to large number of references.

  • OM-115814: Fix Drag and Drop of textures does not use relative paths to the root layer when saved to Nucleus.

  • OMFP-3073: Fix frame rebuild during prim drag.

  • OM-102864: “Mixed” overlay of Relationship Widget does not show in Property Window.

  • OM-109209: Fix assetPath property widget not converting path with scheme to relative.

  • OM-108488: Fix property window errors after using layer properties.

  • OM-107700: Property window reference asset path “” is valid.

  • OM-105439: Add support for AllowedTokens metadata to string_builder.

  • OM-103552: Property window & context menu - better handling of exceptions.

  • OM-22944: Property panel should retain its scrolled position after selecting a new actor of same type.


  • OM-121433: Add custom radio entry to Move tool.

  • OM-123534: Fix startup warning.

  • OM-122345: Improve omni.kit.widget.toolbar documentation.

  • OM-110315: Apply new options menu to toolbar.

  • OM-109903: Deregister hotkey before register again when rebuilding toolbar.

  • OM-101580: Fixed the instantiation of the play button group hotkey.

  • OM-101803: Fix error accessing _play_button and _stop_button.


  • OM-123294, OM-123459: Telemetry: updated Carbonite 166 to include support some telemetry updates.

  • OM-123268: Telemetry: fixed a bug that could lead to the transmitter being misconfigured.

  • OM-118473: Telemetry: removed the omni.ext@ext_startup internal events from omni.kit.telemetry.

  • OM-120831: update to Carbonite 160.8.

  • OM-119786, OM-119706: Disable sending telemetry to NVDF and updated the transmitter.

  • OMFP-2886: Telemetry: Fix a bug in the OVE detection that could cause OVI launcher builds to erroneously detect OVE.

  • OVCC-1401: Telemetry: Add examples to all the string properties in telemetry schemas.

  • OVCC-1394: Telemetry: Update the docs for omni.kit.telemetry.

  • OMFP-1450, OMFP-645: Add support for detecting OVE and configuring telemetry for it.

  • OM-107476: Pass on the explicit privacy settings to the transmitter on launch.

  • OM-93636: Add helper support for launching the telemetry transmitter in ‘open endpoint’ mode.

  • OM-98900: Add a startup event emitting several cloud specific values.


  • DRIVE-16810: Fix a crash on exit.

  • OM-110132: Improve performance for prim2 manipulator.

  • OM-116122: Fix function name.

  • OM-114290: Integrate new changes in omni.kit.manipulator.prim into omni.kit.manipulator.prim2.

  • OM-113149: Update Prim Manipulator Fabric Accessor to support IFabricHierarchy.

  • OMFP-1802, OMFP-2129, OMFP-2279, OMFP-2543, OM-112413, OMFP-2568: Change Snap, manipulator and menu.

  • OM-107334: Added TransformMultiPrimsSRTFabricCpp Command.

  • OM-109231: Fix scaling manipulator when xformOp is float.

  • OM-88612: Drag cursor up/down to omni scale up and down.


  • OM-117878: Fix clipped connections.

  • OM-115286: Fix connection flickering.

  • OM-118149: Fix connection disappears.

  • OM-98574: Add dep on omni.kit.commands to fix some tests and refactors some port-building logic.

  • OM-48398: Update node_background_v2 to allow disable drawing icon.

  • OM-57353: Add rewiring and reverse wiring functionality to graph connections.

  • OM-121143: Fix graph connections with draw_curve_top_layer and allow_same_side_connections.

  • OMPRW-863: Grabbing two background in Action Graph doesnt grab some nodes within.

  • OM-119764: Fix snapping preview cannot be withdrawn or canceled.

  • OM-120003: Improve descriptions for several extensions.

  • OMPRW-355: Add setting for raster-nodes for GraphView in dependencies.

  • OM-57352: Refine the snapping for connection.

  • OM-106331: Fix invalidate_raster crash.

  • OM-107684: Fix Node doesn’t move back right after undo a move operation.

  • OM-123596: Fix exception when UsdShaderShader.

  • OM-123482: Fix changing material binding on inherited material.

  • OM-119226: Disable fabric adapter in material property UI.

  • Fix UsdBindingMaterial widget title and purpose.

  • OM-118420: Material connections show/update in property window.

  • OMFP-3999: Material property groups are arranged the same Windows and Linux.

  • OM-92919: Refactor UsdBindingAttributeWidget to enable derivation.

  • OM-104254: Synchronize material loading and compilation in extension tests.

  • OM-90597: Cleanup material function names with mangled filepaths.

  • OM-103916: Hide text “X” when no material is set & handle missing bound materials.

  • OM-104303: Fix material properties group names.

  • OM-102470: Selecting physics materials causes exception to be thrown.

  • OM-94463: Explicit ordering of parameters is not respected in sub-groups.


  • OM-122346: Update docs for 106.

  • OM-96487: Lock previous/under image when OverlayViewportDisplayDelegate is instantiated.

  • OM-86546: Fix issues with stages and defined implicit cameras with only declared transform properties.

  • OMFP-3841, OMFP-4004: Add ability to specify target override when restoring (or building) implicit cameras.


  • OM-123418: Improve image comparison.

  • OM-123238: Fix wrong ext_test_id.

  • OM-119266: Fix coverage mode.

  • OM-102846: Show failing tests in summary.

  • OM-117475: Report duration should be only the benchmark’s runtime.

  • OM-117496: Add missing branch for tests results of MRs.

  • OM-122423: Remove dependency on from

  • OM-106850: Fix missing Teamcity failure message.

  • OM-113541: Add C++ coverage build and reports.

  • OM-115436: Add max duration for retries.

  • OM-115403: Handle exception when subprocess line is over the limit.

  • OM-114707: Add colors to TTY/CI output on errors.

  • OVCC-1417: Propagate the testName metadata setting to child test processes.

  • OMFP-3389: Propagate the telemetry mode setting to extension test child processes.

  • OM-102465: Modify unit test extension to allow running unit tests as benchmarks.

  • OM-108760: Fix unhandled exception that causes test runner to deadlock.

  • OM-100936: Fix junit xml for exttest errors.

  • Ext hashing: Exclude __py_cache__, reduce contention.

  • OM-103250: Gitlab support.

  • OM-101962: Add missing code for trim_excluded_messages.

  • OM-101273: Replace illegal characters keys with underscore.


  • OM-123378: Add core extensions outside of kit sdk repo.

  • OM-121335: Fix update-base-app startup warnings as errors.

  • OM-121904, OM-121905: Remove test tab & change dependency graph to optional.

  • OM-120783: Update extension window and add deprecation, core & example flags.

  • OM-120233: Leak fixes in omni.kit.window.extensions and

  • OM-120929: Add a popup when can’t autoload when other version already enabled omni.kit.window.extensions.

  • OM-120238: Fix for toggling itself omni.kit.window.extensions.

  • OM-120012: Fix ext graph name property to handle ports.

  • OM-112184: Incompatible extension versions are not clickable in extension manager UI.

  • Fix trash icon path.


  • OM-123257: Move to pre-begin-frame rendering event to keep OpenGL drawing on main thread when present-thread is active.

  • OM-113444: Fix crash in omni.kit.widget.opengl when resizing in DS2 by rate limiting RpResource generation.

  • OM-122317: Update docs for camera manipulator.

  • OM-106142: Handle USD stage-up in case-insensitive way.


  • OM-122338: Update documentation.

  • OM-123076: Make menus optional for omni.kit.viewport.window

  • OM-75946: Add settings to control number and labeling of ViewportWindow menu entries.

  • OM-103743: Change omni.kit.viewport.window show_alert default to True.

  • OM-101709: Fix viewport material name parsing.

  • OMFP-3721: Fix per-process reporting of available and low-memory condition.


  • OM-122148, OM-122018: Updated to Iray 373000.3036.


  • OM-123471: Fix for Profiler no longer working after show/hide UI.

  • OM-117553: Fix typo that logs “X is depreciated” instead of “X is deprecated”.


  • OM-122747: Update API docs for omni.kit.material.library.

  • OM-119312: Add get_config_from_carb_settings().

  • OM-122552: Added /exts/omni.kit.material.library/ui_show_list for filtering Create list.

  • OM-121399: Add missing context_menu dependency to material.library.

  • OMPRW-844: Improve material watcher to not writeback changes to session layer with Sdf API.

  • OM-108520: Binding widget material purpose support.

  • OM-115570: Fix custom material path browser does not select directory.

  • OM-109999: Fix out of sync custom paths.

  • OM-103916: Update Material combo box style, and materials “X” isn’t clickable when hidden.

  • Add add_to_mtl_lib and remove_from_mtl_lib to omni.kit.material.library.

  • OM-107796: Add “Add MaterialX File” menu action.

  • OM-27474 Add a settings to create a new material instead of updating the material being baked.

  • OM-122353: Update API docs for

  • OM-33254: Pause property window when not visible.


  • OM-122350: Add docs for omni.kit.window.filepicker.

  • OM-120250: Replaced psutils import with internal disk_partitions import.

  • OMFP-2569: Kit content browser has option to login even if server is already connected.

  • OM-51243: Refresh drives only when there is new drive.

  • OMFP-4028: Improve rename_server, make it not trigger delete_server.

  • OM-116672: Fix crash calling “New Folder” in FilePicker

  • OM-121969: Make search_delegate, versioning and nucleus_connector optional in file/filepicker.

  • OM-115594: Use os mkdir to create folder under local point.

  • OMFP-2948 & OM-114223: Remove New Folder from connection context menu, and add local context menu for local folder under my-computer.

  • OMFP-3807: Update checkpoint list and file info when server’s file changed.

  • OMFP-3796: Fix Loading Spinner does not go away even when cancel is clicked issue.

  • OMFP-3175: Fix for typos and text alignment issues in file picker.

  • OMPM-817: Filter out partitions reserved for Linux hugepages.

  • OMFP-2994: Use a setting to control whether show Add New Connection.

  • OMFP-2407: Use a setting value instead of defalut localhost connection.

  • OMFP-2152: Fix FilePicker RMB delete menu item doesn’t show when FilePicker is in external window.

  • OMFP-649: Hide the loading icon when selection changed to make it clean and consistent.

  • OM-111583: In windows system use windll interface to get real user folder path.

  • OM-107533: Fix for menu text in context menu not being aligned properly.

  • OM-104350 OM-104870: Fix some menu item doesn’t appear after right clicking inside content window issue.

  • OM-102083: Update client-library to 2.35.0.

  • OM-103188: Add ability to navigator to collection root url, add default open directory.

  • OMFP-3205: More delay to focus keyboard to avoid crash.


  • OM-123458: Fix default stage without omni.kit.stage_templates.

  • OM-67061: Add a command to Remove a Property on a specific Layer.

  • CXR-782: Fix issue that APP_READY is released before new stage creation.

  • OM-117571: Fix DeletePrims command to restore default prim for undo.

  • OM-114474: ChangePropertyCommand can clear attribute value.

  • OMFP-3995 Add a dedicated RenamePrimCommand.

  • OM-122457, OM-122420, OM-122358: Improve omni.usd docs and deprecate omni.command.usd.

  • Expose recreate kwarg to load_mdl_parameters_for_prim_async.

  • OM-77339, OM-115630: MovePrimCommand optimization.

  • OM-110849: Animating Material Parameters no longer works during Scrub Timeline.

  • OM-114657: CreateUsdAttributeCommand crashes on redo.

  • OMFP-2172: Re-factoring UsdWatcher to improve performance.

  • OM-97709: Maintain an ordered selection list for USD and Fabric stages.

  • full_matrix_op_transform_fix.

  • OM-85546: Fix live material editing.

  • OM-26252: More improvements to show notifications for stronger overrides.

  • OM-54167: Fix visibility command for toggling visibility to timesampled prims.


  • OM-122355: Extension Documentation for omni.mdl.

  • OM-114263: Add ability to register MDL search paths for extensions.

  • OM-114137: Improve MDL struct support.


  • OMPRW-862: Add IAppWindow.focus method.

  • OM-117205: Fix null dereferences/startup if IAppWindow creation fails.

  • OM-105281: Fix startup on Linux/X11 when no monitor is connected.

  • OM-101026: Add app window icon for all os.

  • OM-106775: Guard against possible nullptr.


  • OM-70672: Make more dependencies optional.


  • OM-122344: Update api docs for omni.kit.widget.stage.

  • OMPM-836: Add settings for stage filters.

  • OM-104580: Fix search issue when filter text includes prim path with suffix slash.

  • OM-121399: Make widget.layers and widget.stage dependencies optional.

  • OM-114639: Kit repo changes: Refactor Content browser code for registration of collections.

  • OM-113149, OM-97709: Update Prim Manipulator/Fabric commands to support IFabricHierarchy.

  • OM-110830: Add stage filter for mass API.

  • OM-106745: Add icons for inherits and specializes.

  • OM-90363: Support copying variants when exporting prims.

  • OM-108940 Hide/show Expand/Collapse menu item.

  • OM-102684: Fabric command migration.

  • OM-107738: Improve stage window to support drag and drop multiple items to other window.

  • OM-107926: Updating stage icons for renaming character system to behavior extension.

  • OM-85989: Improve displayName support so it could rename/search/reorder display names.

  • OM-97047: Prevent invalid stage when a prim rename fails.

  • OM-105020: Fix regression that undoing delete command does not revert stage item back.

  • OM-76599: Show a load asset activity prompt window when drag and drop asset into stage window.

  • OM-103706: Make __get_all_stage_items_from_cache to be protected function to fix auto reload.

  • OM-53659, OM-53657, OM-53660, OM-53654: Add workflow to support activating/deactivating prims.

  • OM-91569: Improve name sort for StageWidget to take consideration of order suffix.

  • OM-30427: Improve hover and select state for missing item.

  • OMFP-4149: Fix live session join issue.

  • OM-98887: Improve API docs for omni.kit.widget.live_session_management.

  • OM-114885: Remove settings that were moved to the “omni.kit.collaboration.debug_options” extension.

  • OMFP-1984: Change the color of error message in join/create session window.

  • OM-113368: Move broadcast end / merge message before window shows.

  • OM-85097: Refactored omni.kit.widgets.live_session_management to have sharable components in separate extension.

  • OM-100261: Improve layers event handling to only handle interested events.


  • OM-123086: Use data assertion instead of UI comparison.

  • OM-112134: Able to remove a system hotkey.

  • OMFP-3332: Fix display error in hotkeys window when context hotkey enabled.


  • 122340: Update API doc for omni.kit.widget.filebrowser.

  • OM-115962: Fix for thumbnail warnings.

  • OMPRW-856: Prevent non-valid URLs drag/drop to stage window or content browser.

  • OM-116452: Use async_engine.run_coroutine over running coroutine from saved event loop.

  • OM-115872: Fixed navigating issue when visiting a directory that contains children without permission to visit.

  • OMFP-3551: Make refresh update ui (the red lock icon) when item permission changed.

  • OM-104875: Do not show recycle widget in content browser.

  • OM-12985: Sort File Browser item by nature value.

  • OM-103559: Fix file browser doesn’t list everything issue.

  • OM-80351: [Linux] path listing for directory with utf8 characters fails.


  • OM-122347: Update API docs for omni.kit.window.file.

  • OMPRW-733, OMPRW-734: Navigate to the folder when apply a folder path.

  • OM-119336: Fix couldn’t import checkpoint file issue.

  • OM-121727: Fix for new stage without omni.kit.stage_template.core.

  • OM-113730: Fix double slashes inside the saving path.

  • OM-104306: Fix inconsistency - can paste a non-nucleus URL to a usd in the Content.

  • OM-3823: Fix focus_keyboard crash.

  • OM-109022: Cannot open absolute path.

  • OM-88666: Fix for open button in the file picker during multiple selection.

  • OM-39070: File open menu opens non-existent files.

  • OM-83885: Load import/export dialog’s default directory only if directory’s server is in current servers.

  • OM-105857: Do not hide the app’s main window when destroying file exporter dialog.

  • OM-78668: Show detailed errors when file cannot be saved.

  • OMFP-3823: Fix focus_keyboard crash.

  • OMFP-3752 Share menu item does not capture the live session argument.

  • OMFP-3205: More defensive coding to clear ownership to avoid possible crash.


  • OM-82718: Use USD package without usdMdl.

  • OM-116054: Missing file omni.usd.libs/bin/


  • OM-122905: Added missing dependency to omni.kit.window.preferences.

  • OM-113643: Tune the Capture only the 3D viewport option on by default for F10 screen capture.

  • OM-122352: Create api docs for omni.kit.window.preferences.

  • OM-89919: Add setting to disable “Reset to Default”.

  • OM-110844: Add live version setting to preferences.

  • OM-105264: Set proper range for TimeCodesPerSecond field.

  • OM-103837: omni.kit.window.preferences may be enabled after app ready.

  • OM-94687: Add “Generate until all assets loaded” preferences to thumbnail generate page.

  • OM-107836: Switch the DEVELOPER_PERFERENCE_PATH subscription.

  • OM-101352: Update Super Res capture preferences UI order.

  • OM-104080: Move Throttle Rendering preferences to Developer Section.


  • OM-122232: selection_doc.


  • OM-122342: Update docs for widget prompt.


  • DHS-875: Improve collect tool to support collect multiple files in content context menu.

  • OMPRW-291, OM-117445: Improve collect tool to support collecting runtime stage with anonymous root layer.

  • OM-122597: Add collect folder’s file interface.

  • OMPRW-195: Don’t remove non-default prims if layer has no default prim set, UX improvements.

  • OMPRW-387: More support to convert usda to usdc by considering underlying layer format.

  • OM-104209: Fix File->Collect As and collection issue to opened layer with new modifications.

  • Fix deprecation warning for onclick_fn on startup.


  • OMPE-1332: Bump carbonite to fix shadercache extension resolution form the registry.

  • OM-117408: Kit ext registries that timeout cause ext cache to fail.

  • OM-122067: Set internal registries as optional.

  • OM-113393: Package yanking support.

  • Fix cache prune date check

  • OM-113813: Move some extensions to support py37 / py39.

  • Fix reading metadata of some of extensions in an old format.

  • Exts publishing tweaks: upload json metadata for kit/sdk, add date.

  • OM-107625: Registry service support.

  • OM-107629: Fix kit publish extensions random failure.

  • OM-106955: Mitigate ext cache corruption.

  • OM-99948: Registry 2.0: more scalable version of the current file-based registry.

  • Add support for https package URLs.

  • Fix cache prune date check.


  • OM-114348: Enable on-demand mipmap generation for UI. off by default.


  • OM-118800, OM-118437: Re-use name property for identifier when not set and normalize the identifier string.

  • OMPRW-514: Color picker for notes and backdrop not functional

  • OM-98841: Check for node in WindowHandle focus.

  • OM-118335: Fix omni.ui Performance warning.

  • OM-114680: Fixed setting default style crashes kit.

  • OMPRW-690: Force raster dirty after image texture loaded.

  • OM-52829: Fix treeView header height calculation.

  • OM-120971: Fix BezierCurve’s set_mouse_released_fn doesn’t work.

  • OM-117243: Fix torn-off menus so ticks get refreshed when refresh_menu_items is called.

  • OMPRW-709: Resolve dependency warnings in omni.ui.

  • OMFP-3693: Fix for not keeping the resize cursor when dragging on the Placer widget.

  • OM-119448: Added function in omni.ui_query to get all widget paths in a window.

  • OM-115311: Fix canvasFrame’s Pan and zoom.

  • OM-98789: Curve anchors and refactoring graph drawing layers.

  • OMFP-1669: Add bbox min to support local offsets in FreeShape.

  • OM-114997: Fix the graph output and connection tooltip not working.

  • OM-89039: Fix for window docked when it is inactive.

  • OM-99141, OM-84644: Handle possible lack of GPU in a few application layers and present low level GPU startup failures to user.

  • OM-109687: Make window tab bar tooltip style consistent with others.

  • OM-109684: Remove unnecessary tooltip for window tab bar.

  • OM-89039: Fix the docked state not correct for window which is docked but inactive.

  • OMFP-1669: Fix mouse event triggers for FreeShapes.

  • OM-94455, OM-106331: Invalidate any cached-draw list on parent of a destroyed Widget and add more nullptr checks in RasterHelper.

  • OM-105946: Fix broken version number.

  • OM-108207: Updated the omni.ui.Plot to respect the ‘padding’ style parameter.

  • OM-105946: Fix undefined memory access in image loading.

  • OM-76013: Fix zoom leaking into graph editor from viewport.

  • OM-105586: Set the checked state for omni.ui.CheckBox.

  • OM-105587: Add check box border style options.

  • OM-103275: Fix omni.ui to load svg from omni-client paths.

  • OM-93094: ui.Label multi-line fix for alignment CENTER/RIGHT.

  • OM-100654: Fix crashes in moveToNewOSWindow.

  • OM-93016: Fix issue with tree view mouse pressed and double clicked fn.

  • OM-98189: Update ui.Menu submenu overlapping current menu in non-legacy mode.

  • OM-100852: Add ability to get exact width and height of text in a label.

  • OM-101080: Don’t resize column if length for fraction is below 0.

  • OM-114997, OM-115311: Fix tooltip for graph output and connection, fix graph zoom and pan.


  • OM-120121: Fix collector issue to collect bsdf_measurement files from MDL.

  • OMPRW-387: Add option to support converting usda to usdc format for ascii USD files.

  • OM-122335: Add docs for omni.kit.usd.collect module.

  • OMPRW-949: Improve collect tool so that all absolute URLs are converted.

  • OMPRW-754: Improve collector’s public APIs, caching collect history to avoid duplicate copy.

  • OMPRW-665: Improve collector to support time based collection.

  • OMPRW-195: Fix collecting default prim only issue when root prims are over 2.

  • OM-102672: Support to collect texture in mtlx(MterialX) file..

  • OM-103573: Add default prim only options.

  • OM-103522: Re-pathing locked states inside customLayerData.

  • OM-103210: Fix UDIM textures collect issue in MDL.

  • OM-101533: Fix flat collection issue, which maps wrong paths for MDLs.

  • OMPRW-393: Fix collect issue when stage has references from a different local drive.


  • OM-117336: Fix the Extension class so the on_startup is called again.

  • OM-109236, OM-73060: Copy all metas from stage after new layer creation.

  • OM-98887: Improve documentation for omni.kit.usd.layers.

  • OMPRW-679: Add internal event for variant change detection.

  • OM-108008, OM-115299: Improve mock utils to support live prim.

  • OM-112801: Fix crash that’s caused by removing live session folder.

  • OM-78889: Fix layer flatten to avoid re-time timesamples if there are layer offsets.

  • OM-103530, OM-100749: Fix issue that switching edit target resets its layer offset in the local stack.

  • OM-75488: More improvements to merge permission management.

  • OM-100805: Batch layer lock states loading to improve performance.

  • OM-73657: Improve ownership to take consideration of file permission.

  • OM-100261: Batch layer reload and live session join.


  • OM-117096: Don’t show omni.rtx.window.settings until viewport is loaded.


  • OM-119529: Potential fix for deadlocks that occur in recursive on-demand execution.

  • OM-114276, OM-114004: Various changes to resolve execution inconsistencies in EF.

  • OM-103829: traversal_dfs and friends should conform to naming standards to improve user API usage experience.

  • OM-99812: Replace EF documentation references to the nonexistent FallbackExecutor to the correct ExecutorFallback.


  • OM-117494: Remove GI denoiser settings from UI.

  • OM-117494: Remove DLSS RR setting and settings that are unused when it’s On.

  • OM-117398: Remove exposure and sharpenning settings from DLSS UI as they are not used.

  • OM-117265: Move all transient render settings (and some others) to Debug section.

  • OM-114226: Remove LTC-dependent settings from the UI.

  • OM-98555: Increase default eco mode frame count to 500.

  • OM-106771: RTX Rename New Denoiser to Ray Reconstruction.

  • OM-88556: Render setting Total Samples per Pixel is now 0-100,000.

  • OM-85995: Temporal Optix denoiser UI control.


  • OM-84741: Add new menu item for bounding box visibility in viewport display menu.

  • OMFP-3721: Customizable memory-type entries in Viewport HUD & menu.

  • OMFP-2649: Add settings flag that can be used to hide the audio item from the viewport display.

  • OM-110384: Add hotkey support to more menu items.

  • OM-119829: capture_screenshot callback is called before screenshot has completed.

  • OM-118015: Fix screenshot path as its initialized by omni.kit.window.preferences.

  • OMFP-2458: Fix for F2 rename prim with invalid characters.

  • Remove “no prims are selected” message from selection_parent.


  • OM-119236, OM-118729: Various refactorings around lockless stack usage and ScheduleFunction implementations.

  • OM-119422: Fix debug assertion in ExecutionController.

  • OM-118486: Pre-process task refactoring + moving OG change updates into its own pre-process task.

  • OM-118728, OM-117605, OM-120221, OM-115402, OM-121003: Bug fixes in omni.kit.exec.core and unit test reactivation.

  • OM-118598, OM-119422: Refactorings surrounding pre-process task lifetime management, scheduling, and synchronization + Fix debug assertion in ExecutionController.

  • OM-117092, OM-117403: Modifications to ParallelScheduler and TbbSchedulerState to help prevent stack overflows.

  • OM-113263, OM-106627: Make pre- and post-processing tasks threadsafe + relevant synchronization.

  • OM-114615, OM-114004: Refactorings around IExecutionContext::applyOnEach and IExecutionController::executeDefinition.

  • OM-107758, OM-110059, OM-106627: Changes to IExecutionController to better synchronize top-level execution graph control.

  • OM-111556: Fix typo in ITbbSchedulerState ABI method.

  • OM-107664, OM-106627: Modify ExecutionContext to use an unordered_map to store executing thread IDs.

  • OM-106762, OM-103723, DRIVE-13683: Miscellaneous EF-Kit Integration Layer Changes.


  • OMPRW-750: Don’t throw an exception when initial toggle is from hidden to shown.

  • OMPRW-735: Fix F7/F11 combo toggling.

  • OM-112818: Refactor viewport actions.

  • OM-118769: Migrate Audio Schema to USD Build BOM.


  • OM-110320: Add API to allow tests to query the current file format version.

  • OM-114064: Add more database tests.

  • OM-90886: Add compound commands to og.Controller.

  • OMPRW-105: Add icons and fill in details for examples.

  • OM-112215: Remove legacy error.

  • OM-117032: OG now works with StageWithHistory when prim filtering is turned off.

  • OM-117606: Minor test code revisions.

  • OM-115844: Avoid exception in extract_attribute_type_information for performance.

  • OM-117022: Ticking post-render graph causes crash.

  • OM-115857: Prevent crashing when using an invalid RT attribute.

  • OM-105215 OMPRW-479: Resolve bundle separator issue.

  • OM-115843: Remove explicit clear step from bundle copy.

  • OM-118355: Restore timecode compatibility with double.

  • OM-118199: Switch the ThreadsafeOpen to avoid collisions.

  • OMPRW-235: Update the docs for the omni.graph.image* extensions.

  • OM-116682: Fix to allow getUseCount to be called from objects that implement multiple interfaces derived from IBase

  • OM-114551: onConnectionTypeResolve now triggered by adding extended attributes.

  • OM-115636, OM-114368: Fix to attribute resolutions problems

  • OM-116304: Omnigraph fixes with FSD enabled.

  • OM-98247: Remove bundle portion from dirty ids implementation

  • OM-113947: Removes old init/shutdown/attach/detach/update

  • OM-115338: OmniGraph crashes on hot-reload of Python node with syntax error

  • OM-115138: Nodes with invalid connections should not compute

  • OM-115345: Internal state changing between init and release

  • OM-114458: Add support for compound nodes in pre and post render graphs

  • OM-113797: INodeTypeForwarding crash fix + interface update.

  • OM-114589, OM-114884: Add template execution node GenericNodeDefT.

  • OM-114932: Fix exception when loading extensions.

  • OM-112924: Add substitution support on a per-extension basis.

  • OM-93265: Add unit testing to core.

  • OM-70723, OM-105484: Deferred node registration.

  • OM-86188: Allow target ogn tests.

  • OM-112850: Fix crashes for array math nodes.

  • OM-112923: Tuple data support for AutoNode.

  • OM-110146: Add ability to iterate with an AutoNode function definition at runtime.

  • OM-112927: RearReplicator docs build fails with IAttributeType error.

  • OM-105075: Set up AutoNode docs framework.

  • OM-112377: Upgrade schema references in code to use latest compound node types.

  • OM-111958, OM-112481: Fix 2 cases of excessive gpu-cpu copy when using bundles.

  • OM-106000: Optimize graph parsing.

  • OM-108200: Fix update issue with type resolution of dynamic attributes.

  • OM-110144: Runtime framework.

  • OM-110150: Add runtime registration.

  • OM-110836: Add core data types.

  • OM-111682: Refactored test output to make it easier to filter expected errors.

  • OM-110836, OM-110150: Refactor typing.

  • OM-107464, OM-108281, OM-107208, OM-111143: Use a queue for USD writes made during execution.

  • OM-90793: Compound Node Type Schema Upgrade.

  • OM-110141: Add separate developer mode setting and set up initial compute.

  • OM-109940: Remove omni.graph.expression.

  • OM-89260: Add IActionGraphNodes API for specifying special node type behavior.

  • OM-110445: Sweep error checking in python bindings.

  • OM-109290: Connect autonode functions.

  • OM-109386: Prevent useless allocation/copy on the stack when setting values from python.

  • OM-89397: Add compatible exception types and standardized those thrown by the controller.

  • OM-105073: Generate node type files.

  • OM-107244: Bundle Change Tracking System performance optimization.

  • OM-90298: Add metadata generator.

  • OM-99676: Fix OGN release() callback when extension unloaded.

  • OM-106978: Rename ITopology::getNodeCount_abi to getMaxNodeIndex_abi.

  • OM-83139: Remove serialization data.

  • OM-106665: Add an inspect method and testing to the INodeTypeForwarding.

  • OM-101582: Fix copying a node into a compound graph.

  • OM-105071: Starting generator.

  • OM-92322: Add support for default Python node type inspection.

  • OM-99589: omni.graph*: Remove use of `dynamic_cast` is EF Passes.

  • OM-77994: Autonode deprecation.

  • OM-104462: Fix promotion with bundle outputs.

  • OM-103782: Compound bundle fix.

  • OM-78084: Promote ogn data typing.

  • OM-95438: Updated docs generator.

  • OM-78753: Add ability to utilize external test files in .ogn “tests” constructs (OG node generation tooling).

  • OM-97363: Bundle asymmetry revert to underscore in name.

  • OM-102463: Remove examples Python.

  • OM-100258, OM-100798: Reduce the startup time for OmniGraph.

  • OM-97363: Bundle asymmetry - use usdrt to traverse prims.

  • OM-101720: Compound bundle outputs.

  • OM-97647: Fix reload from stage with instances.

  • OM-91666: Improve the docs of ComputeParams and ComputeParamsBuilder.

  • OM-101451: Fix for compute-on-request nodes in AG subgraphs.

  • OM-97363: Resolve bundle input-output asymmetry.

  • OM-96098: Remove Previously-Hard-Deprecated OG Settings.

  • OM-99390: Compounds resolved types.

  • OM-101584: Remove unneeded async_engine dependencies.

  • OM-99152: Do not allow subgraphs to be deleted.

  • OM-77933: Add doc index generator.

  • OM-97899: Action graph latent node chains can now be interrupted.


  • OM-119603, OM-119460: Cleaned up dependencies


  • Add name tag to menu items to fetch by name in inspector

  • OM-107805: Ensure items is a valid collection before indexing into it.


  • OM-86441, OM-118705: movie capture add new capture options.

  • OM-112018: Movie capture fix the progress issue when spp is low with default settle latency frames setting.

  • OM-107662: Turn on the premultiply color by alpha flag to improve alpha output quality for .exr captures.

  • OM-110580: Fix the render product capture failure when sequencer camera is used.

  • OM-58280: Movie capture: fix the issue that progress is not estimated correctly for certain cases.

  • OM-106250: Fix the motion blur issue for PT and improve progress accuracy.

  • OM-103267, OM-58280: movie capture improves nth frame capture perf and fix total spp capped issue.

  • OM-102180: Refactor to use actions for toggling and optimize multiple stage-traversals into single one if needed.

  • OM-103088: Fix the sequencer cameras don’t play issue.

  • OM-102180: Fix the cameras not hidden during capture issue for 105.

  • OM-101730: omni.kit.capture.viewport: set omni.videoencoding to optional=true.


  • OMPRW-649: Improve the docs for nodes in omni.graph.image.nodes.

  • OM-112782: Nullptr check.

  • OM-102449 Rearrange gpu interop nodes.


  • OMFP-3994: Improve ui scene caching for measure tool.

  • OMFP-3993 downward visibility for collecting gesture managers.

  • OM-105540, OM-85941: Support omni.ui.scene.Widget in UsdDraw system with multiple devices.

  • OM-119875: Fix omni.ui.scene crash due to unknown signature.

  • OMFP-3944: Gesture prevent optimzation.

  • OMFP-1583: Caching drawbuffer”.

  • OM-57995: Improve sc.Arc gesture culling accuracy by utilizing the camera direction over ray direction.

  • OM-104198: Memory Leaks from the DrawBuffers.

  • OM-100363: Adding the return self for proper context manager protocol support.

  • OM-99605: Put UV co-ordinates back to upside down.

  • OM-114081: Optimize ‘prevent’ function in Gesture Manager.

  • OMFP-3154: Forgiving constructors.

  • OMFP-3557: Hide entire poly if it’s clipped with camera clipping planes.


  • OM-118968: Window “Debug##Default” should be ignored in hotkey trigger.

  • OM-117920: Send deregister event when restore user hotkey.

  • OMPRW-513: Fix for hotkeys can still be triggered on destroyed windows.

  • OM-76181: Isolated modifier keys are not invalid hotkey, warn if they are used.

  • OM-102413: Add hotkey allow list.

  • OM-97180: Hotkeys Global Override.

  • OMPRW-105: Update ogn guidelines.

  • OM-117767: Fix tests selection in ogn.

  • OMPRW-272: Add ogn code generator coverage.

  • OM-116579: Cap generated node tests with environment variable.

  • OM-114068: Remove generation of Python database files for C++ nodes.

  • OM-118311: Add Python database generation for cpp nodes back as an optional extra.

  • OM-115219: Make the installed icon path location local to the extension.

  • OM-115494, OM-105725: Fix test generation lock error.

  • OM-114064: Import generated tests for OG nodes synchronously when they are being run.

  • OM-113945: Fix leaking file handles.

  • Fix linting after format.

  • OM-33561: Avoid generating unused local variables in OGN database files.

  • OM-110150: Fix the paths for the generator files.

  • OM-108528: Add omni.kit.test dep to

  • OM-109660: Change cpp code generator to avoid using Carbonite to access the IAttribute interface.

  • OM-70787: Fix pointer type return.

  • OM-105071: Get generator recognizing types.

  • OM-102919: Change the imported file location to be relative so that artifacts can find them.

  • OM-77994: Add details to autonode generator tool.

  • OM-105008: Fix matrix2d attribute generation.

  • OM-78753: Small fix for test file path parsing.

  • OM-99912: Add file safety check for unreadable file.

  • OM-118805: Fix golden_image test.


  • OMPRW-456, OMPRW-568: Make renderer menu update from omni.kit.viewport.renderer unload.


  • OM-117224: Improve UI for number arrays and vector types.

  • OM-122343: Create api docs for omni.kit.widget.settings.

  • OM-122539: Silence omni.kit.widget.settings setting_is_index warning.

  • OMPRW-616: Fix render settings combobox not changing after reset.

  • OM-118226: Fix combobox setting issues.

  • OM-117775: Fix incorrect combobox init value issue.

  • OM-114822: Bug fix/catch unsupported setting types.

  • OM-114529 Replace print statement with carb.log.

  • OM-110067: Forbid illegal time range setting.

  • OM-98676: Add set_value() method to omni.kit.widget.settings.VectorSettingsModel class.

  • OM-109069: Fix for None error when querying settings dictionary.

  • OM-107668: Support RadioButton and Combobox Menu in setting widgets. Some coding fixes.


  • Take case when the setting isn’t set yet, and set “rtx,iray” in that case.


  • OMPRW-568: Adjust /renderer/enabled on startup when auto-management is requested.

  • OM-121568: Do not add empty engine to “/renderer/enabled”.

  • OM-109145: Hover state for shade modes and render options.

  • OM-105300: Show hotkey in renderer menu item if hotkey is defined.


  • OM-96759: Clean up previously duplicated code for merging handles in carb.volume.

  • OMPRW-367: Make omni.volume non-toggleable.

  • Register volume asset type on omni.volume startup.

  • Enable NanoVDB Python bindings.

  • OM-112987: Refactor OmniGraph nodes for volumes into separate extension.

  • OM-115549: Improve treeview session for ui style docs.

  • OM-106242: Add curve anchor docs.

  • Remove out of property bundle.

  • OM-116648: Appear_after fix for multichoice items but not added yet.

  • OM-113446: Add documentation for

  • OM-113490: Add function build_submenu_dict.

  • OM-113898: support specific item name.

  • OM-105932: Use carb.dictionary.get in subscription of setting changed.

  • OM-103913: Adjust menu tick sizes.

  • OM-104619: Fix recent menu wider than kit window.

  • OM-101878: Adjust root menu spacing.

  • OM-108536: Fix menu crash in hotkey_changed due to using destroyed value.


  • OM-117849: When toggle filter settings, make sure filter item has value attribute.

  • OM-104857: Change style and behavior for filter button.


  • OM-117457: Fix omni.kit.documentation.builder background and DPI issue.

  • OM-84865: Register doc window show function to show via layout.


  • OM-79070 OM-86205 Command utils improvements.


  • OM-117607, OM-117535, OM-43861: Fix linkages and USDRT cleanup.

  • OM-114082: Usd/Hydra HdRenderDelegate support per UsdContext/Stage.

  • OM-111937, OM-112536: Hold UsdContext’s m_usdMutex before running code that can cause deletion/destruction of the UsdStage.

  • OM-107328 Creating the right scene delegate factory when initializing the usdrt delegate.

  • OM-104941, OM-104943: Fix issues with kit compatibility mode and Storm on newer intel drivers.

  • OM-102130: Use wrapper and scene delegate factory instead of directly accessing FSD.


  • OM-66035: Return nullptr for a device with multiple ICDs.


  • OM-110315: Apply new options button to snap.


  • OM-116440: Rename omni.ext-client.plugin to omni.client.liveprocess.plugin.

  • OM-116331: Remove carb.messaging.

  • OM-116061: Move logging from omni.client.plugin to carb.omniclient.plugin.

  • OM-105879: Improve client utils to avoid prepending file: to local filesystem paths.


  • OM-122457: Recover extension.toml for omni.command.usd that’s removed by accident.


  • OM-122354: Add doc for omni.kit.window.stage.

  • OM-121389 Make omni.kit.window.drop_support dependency optional.

  • OM-112296: Fix test for omni.kit.window.stage.


  • OM-122129: Make omni.kit.widget.spinner optional for omni.kit.viewport.menubar.core.

  • OM-121842: Remove unused imports.

  • OM-106699: SliderMenuDelegate should return actual max value.


  • OMFP-4115: Fix omni.rtx.window.settings in 106.0.

  • OM-113628: Fix for colormap widget.

  • OM-107031: Add optional transformation to IndeX data import dialog.


  • OM-121411: Show-window-optional.

  • OMFP-2544: Add setting to disable open log buttons in console panel.

  • OM-83995: When new log source coming and not in current filters, check filter settings first.


  • OM-121733: Prep omni.kit.mainwindow as standalone.


  • OM-121819: Make omni.taskagent optional dependency.


  • OMPRW-957: Replace self-built filepicker as omni.kit.window.file_importer/file_exporter to fix regressions.

  • OM-117869: Fix issue with regression on drag-n-drop to change layer hierarchy.

  • OM-104204: In live mode, always show session layer in Layers window.

  • OM-103397: Fixed layer widget expand/collapse tree menu items.

  • OM-98766: Improve notification for overrides in stronger layer.

  • OMFP-3540: Fix display of user widgets for live layer when sublayers are in live session.


  • OM-121581: Clean up omni.mtlx test data.

  • OM-114712: Update Material-X to 1.38.8.

  • OM-120009: Refactor omni.kit.context_menu so it doesn’t depend on

  • OM-121430: Don’t assume OmniAudioSchema exists.


  • OM-121331: Remove omni.kit.context_menu dependency from omni.kit.window.toolbar.

  • OMFP-2854: Fix deprecated warnings and improve deprecated warning reporting.

  • OM-96550: Selection icon doesn’t change when toggling prim/model.


  • OM-98477: Add an omni: prefix to any non-standard USD attribute in this pipeline.

  • OM-104269: Remove IndeX scene elements also when pointPrims attribute gets cleared.

  • OM-120760: Fix “attempted member lookup on NULL TfWeakPtr<UsdStage>” when stage is null.

  • OM-106614: Flush Points prims cached by IndexUsdPointsCache when modified.

  • OM-108201: Support per-prim transformation for Points in a PointCloud.

  • OM-107469: Support multiple PointCloud prims in the stage.

  • OM-101537: Add support for IndeX heightfield, represented as Mesh prim in USD.


  • OMFP-3811: Fix float division by zero issue in omni.activity.ui

  • OMFP-3078: Fix activity item name which has space was replaced by %.

  • OM-86388: Fix another issue with omni.activity.ui updating before progress_stack() is called.

  • OMFP-2502: Open live session use activity monitor.

  • OMPRW-256: Fix a issue with linked scale authoring.


  • OM-116122: Fix double transformation when using rigid body manipulator and manipulator.prim2.core.


  • OMFP-3875: Add raycast query to drag and drop handler.

  • OMFP-3875: Add section awareness to raycast.

  • OM-106456: added StageEventHandler to omni.kit.test_suite.helpers.

  • OM-109272: update help menu urls.

  • OM-101874: Make editor_menu bridge use real extension names.


  • OM-113310: Update Iray/Neuray to 2023.0.6.


  • OMFP-3328: Fix issue for move prims undo, remove redo kwarg for Undo command.

  • OM-77258: Add new ChangeDraggableSettingCommand.


  • OMFP-610: Extend cursor APIs.


  • OM-110699: omni.kit.viewport.actions can bind F7/F11.

  • OM-109120: Add hotkey SHIFT+W to toggle wireframe.

  • OM-102855: Add actions to toggle HUD item visibility and add ability to force parent HUD layer to visible on changes.


  • OMFP-1888: Remove dependency on omni.kit.pipapi.


  • OM-83911: Optimize copypaste to not flatten whole stage.


  • OM-111122: Fix pre and post render graph data race.

  • OM-103828: ::create() methods should accept omni::string_view instead of const char to make API more user friendly.

  • OM-107370, OM-107347: Attach the Pre/PostRenderGraphDef to the respective pipeline stage roots.

  • OM-91800: Ensure graph runtime data is initialized in post render graphs.

  • OM-91800: Pre/Post Render Graph Execution Framework.

  • OM-97459: Hide email addresses for user name.

  • OM-98392: More fix to avoid multiple follow user menu items.


  • OM-70132, OM-109658: Fix param of creating primitive command to accept Gf.Vec type.

  • OM-106307: Fix issue that creates meshes offset them by 50m instead of 0.5m in meter units.


  • OM-109295: Enable HSS$ if an environment variable is set.

  • OM-106205: Move the show_window from startup to EVENT_APP_READY’s subscription.


  • OM-104840: omni.kit.window.stats made window wider so text isn’t clipped.


  • OM-96889: Add a fallback clipboard implementation to use when glfw fails to initialize in a headless Linux environment.


  • OM-103596: Setting a larger start/end time range in omni.timeline leaves the zoom range unaffected.


  • OM-101526: Add a structured log events for joining and leaving a live-edit collaboration session.


  • OM-122149: Remove schema dependencies.

  • OM-123322: Update core/example/internal tags and placeholder lists.

  • OM-118661: Remove physics exts.

  • OM-96664: Initial adapter extensions.

  • OMPRW-403: Allow rtx, pxr, and iray extensions to be enabled at runtime (but still not turned off at runtime) via reloadable=false.

  • OM-117959: Update the copyright of .cpp and .h files of kit-sdk.

  • OM-117127: Run tests against new Viewport only.

  • OM-114023: Make shader cache extensions non-optional if running hydra.rtx.

  • OM-121903: Make schemas optional to omni.hydra delegates.

  • OM-122092: Fixed handling of shared PointInstancer prototypes.

  • OM-121330: Change dependency to widget.context_menu.

  • OM-121332: Fast shutdown enabled by default.

  • OM-113490: Replace usage of omni.kit.ui.get_editor_menu().

  • OVCC-1209: Carb update to v159.0.

  • OM-113490: Add menu helper class MenuHelperExtension.

  • OM-105672: Extend the implementation of IClipboard to send an event when the contents change.

  • OM-93335, OM-101430: Kit build and package support for py39 and py37.

  • OM-88077: Update extension-doc-system consumed changelogs for consistency / rendering.

  • OM-97737: Generate Python docstrings for NV USD.

  • OM-99590: Rename Node::createForDef to Node::create, plus some other relevant refactoring.

  • OM-86646: Move white mode exclude attribute out of UsdMaterialWatcher and into Placeholder attr. Added setting to enable UsdMaterialWatcher for FSD.

  • OM-101929: Aarch64 fixes for vulkan, USD, mdl, and rtx hydra.

  • OM-99141, OM-84644: Handle possible lack of GPU in a few application layers and present low level GPU startup failures to user (105.1).

  • OM-114082: Usd/Hydra HdRenderDelegate support per UsdContext/Stage.