Developing with OpenUSD

Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) is an open and extensible industry standard 3D format used for composing, simulating, and collaborating within 3D worlds. It was originally invented by Pixar Animation Studios. Developers working in Omniverse has the ability to build on top of USD in Applications and Extensions.

Where to Start

If you are just starting out with OpenUSD or if you have some experience, but are new to Omniverse, we recommend that you start with our First Steps guide. This document guides you through navigating our learning resources, technical references, and communities where you can connect with other developers working with OpenUSD.

Take your first steps

Omniverse OpenUSD Features

Python Scripting Components

Attach a Python script to a USD prim.

Command History Extension

This tool will show you how USD Kit commands can be issued in Python. It shows a history of commands that were used to make the user’s changes to the stage.