Test a Build


Omniverse provides tooling and automation making testing easier and more efficient. Use the system’s built-in methods to generate UNIT TESTS for extensions, run automated INTEGRATION TESTS for your applications, and perform PERFORMANCE TESTS to ensure your project runs as efficiently as possible.


Logging, an essential tool for tracking Project activities, offers a detailed, sequential record of events occurring within your Project. This process assists in specifying the performance of your Project.

  • Kit Manual : Logging - Provides a brief overview of utility functions in Kit so you can create log entries during runtime.


Profiling is an analysis technique used to evaluate the runtime behavior of a software program. It entails gathering data on aspects such as time distribution across code segments, frequency of function usage, number of rendered “frames,” memory allocation, etc. This data serves to identify potential performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, and other factors potentially affecting the efficiency or stability of the program.

The Omniverse Platform provides comprehensive profiling support, enabling the thorough examination of your project’s frame rate, resource usage, stability, among other aspects.

For more information on profiling, refer to the following resources: