Build Apps


With Omniverse, you can build custom 3D Applications to suit you or your organization’s needs. They do not necessarily require any code and are built by packaging a set of Extensions together. NVIDIA develops and maintains a suite of custom Omniverse Applications to show what is possible.

On a technical level, an Omniverse App is essentially a configuration .kit file that tells the Kit executable (Kit.exe) to load a specific set of Extensions. Your App is launched using a .bat file that passes your App .kit file to the Kit executable.

Why Create an App?

Consider creating an App when you require specialized 3D software with a customized layout and functionality to streamline your workflow to your needs. For example, your organization might have a need to manage an automotive factory, complete with inventory capabilities, digital twin functionality and AI powered search features. This and much more is possible by creating a custom App. You can choose from existing Extensions and create new ones to develop new functionality.

Learn to Develop Apps


We have a few written tutorials about building Omniverse Apps:

Additional Resources

Watch an overview of custom Kit App development.