Develop Services


Omniverse comes with a built-in services framework based on Omniverse Kit and its extensions. Its aim is to provide the tooling required to easily and quickly build services, that can leverage the power of any of the Kit Extensions. The services framework enables developers to deploy services:

  • within a Kit instance

  • distributed local on a machine

  • across servers and virtual machines

  • to the Cloud and Kubernetes

Visit Omniverse Services Overview to learn more.

Why Develop a Service?

Consider developing a service when you want to scale your custom Omniverse Application or Extension and offload computations to, or retrieve data from, a local network machine, server or virtual environment.

Learn to Develop Services

Basic and advanced Services

Learn to use the extensions and Omniverse Kit’s --exec command-line option to get started with services. This guide also provides an advanced Services example.


Facilities in Omniverse help with the management of potentially stateful objects. They can be easily injected into microservices without the Service implementation becoming stateful.


Transports allow different protocols and communication channels to be used with the Omniverse microservices stack.