2020.2.1 Hotfix


  • Updated omniverse_asset_converter to fix shapenet crash

  • Build: fixed missing libffi.so.6 issue on ubuntu 20 when loading omni.physx

  • Pasting URLs from ov-web into Kit content browser now works

  • Adding connection to server root after adding connection to server subdir now works

  • URLs to Nucleus directories didn’t work unless there was a shortcut in the content browser to the exact server

  • moved the /renderer/mdl/searchPaths/server setting to the right scope in kit-core.json file

  • Uploading of crash dumps to backtrace server re-enabled

  • Added Colorspace Support for UsdUVTexture

  • Added Colorspace Support and specular workflow in UsdPreviewSurface

Client Library

  • Bugfix: would sometimes (very rarely) cause data loss if you got a disconnect while uploading a file.

  • Bugfix: would fail to download a file if it was an exact multiple of 1MB

  • Bugfix: USD files from Nucleus servers were being deleted unless saved twice


  • API call to get Instance Path/URI from BBox Instance ID (and vice versa)

Extension System

  • General Improvements

Omniverse RTX

  • Support colorSpace and specular workflow in UsdPreviewSurface

  • Fix Path-Traced fog, was too dark when outside the fog

  • Fix naming of cutout opacity render settings

  • Remove hard-coded legacy server-side MDL search paths

  • Synthetic Data support: Add API to grab uri from instance index for omni.syntheticdata

  • Synthetic Data support: Dump bounding box data directly from instance constant

  • Treat translucent objects that cast shadows as opaque for the purposes of synthetic data gathering