Kit 104.2 Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Date: March 2023


  • OM-82883: Fix bug where File Browser window opened through Post-Processing is set to “All Files”, but no files are shown

  • OM-79367: Fix “rename nucleus connection does not work” issue

  • OM-79359: Pre-fill name in field when rename nucleus connection.

  • OM-76015: Do not skip the default item filters when a custom filter is specified

  • OM-76165: Fix missing file details


  • OM-82577 [omni.flowusd] Add flow presets command to drag & drop functionality in the stage

  • OM-81767: Fix drag & drop behavior of .sbsar files to be consistent with viewport’s behavior

  • OM-66316: Allow users to select instance proxy in stage window

  • OM-75190: Improve style of treeview to support more style customization


  • OM-83302: Fix config directory search


  • OM-82009: Move to usdrt package with new stage query APIs

  • OM-81425: Updat to usdrt-4.2.2

  • OM-80728: Update to usdrt-4.2.1


  • OM-81847: Fix issue where the Context menu assign material doesn’t check for materials

  • OM-36689: Fix grouping so it doesn’t include default prim


  • OM-81873: Fix behaviour where Double clicking Add Nucleus connection asks to add a connection


  • OM-81967: Force render settings to not live update.

  • OM-77653: Fix layer merge to avoid re-timing time samples


  • OM-81690; [omni.kit.viewport.window] Default /persistent/app/viewport/camVelocityScalerMultAmount to 1.1 when not set

  • OM-79725, OM-66228: [omni.kit.viewport.window] Setting to limit camera-speed from scroll-wheel and text-entry inputs (defaulting to on).


  • OM-79844: [IRenderer] Fix move to external window

  • OM-81053: [omni.kit.renderer.core] Fix issue with detached windows…

  • OM-79844: [omni.kit.renderer.core] Fix issue with detached windows startup when present thread is enabled.

  • OM-79500: Stable streaming frame rate

  • OM-79500: [IRenderer] Fix bug where Kit hangs on linux when enabling the present thread

  • OM-56147: Fix present thread pacing on Linux.


  • OM-81439: Fix crash with single channel image

  • OM-78744: Fix mouse_released_fn in TreeView

  • OM-74424: Sharp text in rasterized CanvasFrame

  • OM-73067: Fix for incorrect behavior of torn off menu

  • OM-78648: Enhance Present Thread and UI Smoothness Analysis

  • OM-76631: Mean error squared similar to rendering

  • OM-70187: Skip early exit for ui.Placer when child size is 0.

  • OM-74424: Ability to cache the DrawList and render it skipping the widget hierarchy iteration


  • OM-72871: Fixed present thread crash on linux


  • OM-80526: Fix activity duration


  • OM-81554: Remove a now useless workaround affecting badly perf for GPU interop

  • OM-75901: Crash fix when copying a resized GPU buffer

  • OM-76116: Crash fix at graph deletion (Resetting this fix to the same state than master)

  • OM-76116: Fix crash at graph deletion


  • OM-70710: [omni.usd] Fix OmniUsdTimelineControl setting to stage without UsdLock.

  • OM-80571: Resolve all USD layers referenced by a scene concurrently at the start of scene load.

  • OM-80281: [omni.usd] Handle possibility of string instead of TfToken for render-settings restoration.

  • OM-80586: [omni.usd] Fix continuing issues with UsdMutex when syncing devices in hydraRenderingThread.

  • OM-80189: Improve save-as perf to batch path resolves

  • OM-74525: handle materialx code generator changing MDL shader names

  • OM-75147: Add profiler events to help measure the viewport present rate

  • OM-75280: Revert back units settings in StageUpdate and only set it when it’s new stage

  • OM-67884: Loading params from MDL in parallel and batch authoring to USD for material watcher

  • OM-75280, OM-73561, OM-64609, OM-78188: Make sure layers not dirty until real changes made to it

  • OM-78112: Kit crashes when updating audio while playing

  • OM-77701: Fix outline of instance

  • OM-39277: Block edits to instance proxy from property window

  • OM-76092: [omni.usd] Force frame completion monitor on when present thread is enabled.


  • OM-79500: Add a global setting to control synchronization to present thread

  • OM-79500: Synchronizing Rendering Thread to Present Thread

  • OM-79500: [IRenderer][streaming] Fix freezing when enabling present thread on Linux

  • [omni.kit.loop] High-precision run loop


  • OM-81551, OM-80182: [omni.usd] Fix performance regression from lock acquisition by removing it when realm is not present.

  • OM-79303: Fix error that ocurrs when trying to add transform attributes to prims.

  • OM-76575: Fix euler quat widget value synchronization


  • OM-81395: Add options to enable WebRTC streaming ETLI dumps

  • OM-81317: [omni.kit.viewport] Add sliders to control look, tumble, and zoom speed.


  • OM-79653: Fix error in property panel for OG extended attribute literals


  • OM-77420: [omni.kit.manipulator.prim, omni.kit.viewport.legacy_gizmos] Add ability to disable bbox update during manipulation.

  • OM-77651: [omni.kit.viewport,legacy_gizmo, omni.kit.viewport.window] Add /app/viewport/grid/trackCamera to support per-UsdContext grid placement.

  • OM-75361, OM-75724: [omni.kit.viewport.legacy_gizmos] Fix duplicate persistent setting

  • OM-80254, OM-80710: Fix spew issue of SdfPath warnings in live session and Improve camera label performance


  • OM-75970: Layout updates to quicklayout

  • OM-78959: Fix quicklayout saving/loading using nucleus paths


  • OM-77651: [omni.kit.viewport,utility, omni.kit.manipulator.tool.snap] Add get_ground_plane_info and have grid-snapping provider use it.


  • Fix omni.example.ui config


  • OM-78087: Make OgnSdRenderVarDisplayTexture persistent

  • OM-74691: Add kannala lense to camera params

  • OM-77222: Cache the path of the instance and prototypes to avoid dangling path


  • OM-79752: Fix crash when rig fails to compile


  • OM-79408: Remove network check from scriptnode extension

  • OM-77651: [] Fix issue with Create From View menu entry on custom UsdContext.


  • OM-75387: Keep content when reopening script editor

  • OM-30831: Open and Save in Script Editor for Linux

  • OM-78761: UDIM fixes for SdfAssetPath setting resolved path correctly

  • OM-74879, OM-75480: Fix undo issue of material inputs

  • OM-75480: Fix UI refresh issue when modifying material prim


  • OM-78913: Fix content browser failing to navigate_to using server URLs


  • OM-77787: [omni.kit.render_capture] Fix memory use issue in iteration.


  • OM-78501: Generate unique id for prompt if title is not given to avoid inheriting window from history


  • OM-71101: [omni.kit.widget.opengl] Remove PyOpenGL from being installed by default.


  • OM-79104: [omni.kit.viewport.widget] Make sure to restore implicit orthographic cameras to rotations orthogonal to ground plane.


  • OM-78389: Fix DrawBuffer memory leak

  • OM-75825: Fix a memory leak in DrawList

  • OM-65110: Re-add .fill_policy property to omni.ui.scene.Image Python bindings.


  • OM-70394: Remove restriction on moving/copying files between servers.


  • OM-18758: Add mesh-light sampling to RTX RT and PT settings.

  • OM-76598: Fix UX issue to select checkpoints for layers


  • OM-77943: [omni.ui] Fix tooltip position and force node to update


  • OM-76422: Add physics collision to Default stage

  • OM-78108: Make Default stage use ground scaling

  • OM-74495: Change name plane to ground in default stage template


  • OM-65572 [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.render] Rename Render Options to Preferences


  • OM-77873: Replace “omni.kit.manipulator.tool.snap” dependency


  • OM-74372: Separate “omni.kit.window.toolbar” into a widget + window


  • OM-76297: Improve file importer default filter


  • OM-48456: Improve Create > Mesh primitives for deformable simulation


  • OM-76209 Remove manual DPI handling for manipulator toolbar