• Fix prim filter issue for stage window

  • OM-57328, OM-57883: Enable renaming support in live session and fix session list refresh after save-as


  • OM-59706:[omni.kit.viewport] Handle /app/window/hideUi at runtime for F7 and F11 keys.

  • OM-57331, OM-57686, OM-57655: [omni.kit.viewport] Various fixes for debug-shading menu, camera-menu, and settings menu.

  • OM-53750: Add API to link live layer to base layer for supporting Project workflow of other connectors

  • OM-53998: usdz asset resolution

  • OM-55876, OM-55913: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.camera] Update camera menu bar when Viewport camera changes externally.

  • OM-55866, OM-55152, OM-55557 [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.render] Fixes to white-mode and menu-clicking


  • OM-56957: When lens changed, update range range combo box to match.

  • OM-59028: [omni.kit.viewport.window] Add missing dependency and demote warning to info.

  • OM-57321: viewport support external drag/drop for audio files

  • OM-55152, OM-46899, OM-56499: viewport menubar style update

  • OM-56323: [omni.kit.viewport.window] Fix issue with drag-drop of mdl material getting new name.


  • OM-58803: [omni.ui][release] Property to be able to scroll unfocused window.

  • OM-55309: Add a interface to remove window’s visibility changed callback function in omni.ui.Workspace

  • OM-58853: Remove gizmo prim from session layer after camera is removed

  • OM-57031: Fixes for OG property panel for extended attributes

  • OM-57776, OM-55568: [omni.kit.viewport.legacy_gizmos] Fix drawing issues and add always on camera scene-scaling.

  • OM-55126: Add requiredRelationship to FindPrims

  • OM-57324: create cameras menu without a empty parent

  • OM-56954: [omni.usd.commands] Handle camera rename for all Viewports better.

  • OM-53272, OM-55673: Add WriteWidgetProperty, Spacer nodes.

  • OM-56469: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.core] Fix issue interacting with Viewport when all menus are disabled.

  • OM-56171: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.camera] Split Camera menu into camera-list and properties to rebuild the property widgets when active camera changes.

  • OM-55722, OM-55714, OM-54421: Supports to insert multiple sublayers


  • OM-59582: update access to viewport api to fix the render product capture failure


  • OM-58310: [omni.kit.viewport.window] Temporarily disable possibility of orbit and scroll wheel overlapping movement.

  • OM-59519: [omni.kit.hydra_texture] Fix typos pushing incorrect vertical resolution into payload/cache.


  • OM-59201: Add renderproduct path to realm renderproduct results

  • OM-58833, OM-44893: Allow definition of default Camera properties and test in a variety of uses.


  • OM-59336: Clearing asyncRendering tracker dirty flag


  • Improve live workflow to fix outdate state refresh

  • OM-40308: Minimise OG property panel refresh


  • OM-44554: Flesh out the scriptnode extension doc

  • OM-56161: Fixing command queue not being properly tracked for the renderer.capture

  • OM-59062: [omni.kit.viewport.legacy_gizmos] Fix issues with interacting when multiple USD camera represnetations in scene.

  • OM-59212: [omni.kit.manipulator.camera] Reduce animation clamping from 0.5 to 0.15 and make it runtime configurable.

  • OM-58479: [omni.kit.manipulator.camera] Push look values through to camera even while inertia is active.

  • OM-57938, OM-56954: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.camera] Handle missing camera with a more defined fallback, and try to detect a remote camera rename event.

  • physics 1.4.18 release

  • OM-58710: [omni.kit.viewport] Fix issues with camera-visibility when time is not 0 or default.

  • OM-58976: [omni.ui] regenerate Menu when it’s enabled

  • OM-56642: Change background color of viewport menubar title bar


  • OM-57670: [omni.kit.manipulator.camera] Honor /persistent/app/camera/controllerUseSRT for USD camera manipulation.

  • OM-58991: Add mouse press gestures to picking nodes

  • Fix startup issue in machinima: do not listen usd changes if no stage

  • OM-55727: fix incorrect_graph_node_moving

  • OM-57504: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.core] Fix issue with conversion to float attribute value.

  • OM-52954: Fixed bug when renaming array-typed variables

  • Revert a bad commit of manipulator toolbar UpdatePolicy

  • OM-51961: Convert the DotProduct node from Python to C++

  • OM-40308: OG property panel widget OG-based models


  • OM-55560: [omni.usd] Add setting to push selection change to renderer immediately, before it is passed to Python and undo.

  • OM-58832: [omni.kit.viewport.window] Fix HUD stats when a lot of lines are displayed.

  • OM-58158: [omni.ui] Menu is always on top

  • OM-46564: converting console to ui.Widget

  • OM-56164, OM-55899: [omni.ui][release] menu middle click and more

  • OM-57625: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.display] Handle toggling of visibility in instanceable and nested references better.

  • Update the GFN SDK version.

  • OM-56642, OM-56170, OM-57339: [omni.ui][release] Menu 2.0 fixes

  • OM-57160, OM-57198, OM-56142, OM-57218, OM-57173, OM-57159: omni.kit.viewport.menubar.camera fixes

  • OM-56760: [omni.ui.VectorImageProvider] Clean up or make log messages more verbose.


  • OM-58522, OM-58055: Version safeguard for live session and session tooltip

  • Auto expand/contract menubar when menubar size changed

  • OM-53213: new live workflow with OO3 updates


  • OM-57672: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.camera] Honor default camera rotation order setting.

  • OM-57694: Add separator line in category menu collection for custom items

  • OM-58069: Fix handling of compatible input types in the Make Array node

  • OM-43853: [omni.kit.manipulator.camera] Kill any active inertia if camer changes form an external change.

  • OM-57603: [omni.kit.viewport] Fix issues with framing non boundable UsdPrims.


  • OM-55727: [omni.ui] Skip Placer draw if the child is 0-size

  • OM-57331, OM-57686, OM-57655: view tracking fix to 103.5 branch

  • OM-34758: add support for visibility toggling with multiple selection


  • physics 1.4.17 package update


  • OM-58189: [omni.kit.manipulator.camera] Fix issue with flight mode when a numeric field is stealing any keyboard input for flight-mode.


  • OM-58323, OM-57267, OM-55721: [omni.kit.manipulator.selection] Teach selection box to explicitly ignore alt-drag and let alt-orbit win

  • OM-57679 Manipulator Toolbar on demand/hovered refresh

  • OM-58192: Show non-defined prims as well for stage window

  • OM-58275: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.core] Fix issues with core/model/settings_model.py.

  • OM-55560: [omni.ui.scene] Introduce a max-wait variable for GestureManager, currently used internally only for single and double click gestures.


  • OM-57780: Workaround for cudaMallocAsync failing in some vGPU instances


  • OM-58140_crash_on_moving_nodes

  • OM-51931, OM-51949: Add Read and Write Settings Nodes


  • OM-56482 : fix token comparison in synthetic-data nodes

  • !18257 - texture streaming eviction improvments

  • OM-56202, OM-56197: [omni.kit.manipulator.camera] Flight mode drift and remove…

  • OM-56270: Fixed issues of checkpoint comments during stage save with latest omni.usd_resolver

  • Added WriteWidgetStyle node

  • OM-55915: fix drop down menu disappears when mousing between the gap


  • OM-55125: Changes to viewport drag nodes and new viewport click, press/release, hover, and scroll nodes


  • OM-46899: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.camera] Re-enable Auto Exposure in default configuration.


  • OM-57404: Fix layer mute in global scope

  • OM-54421, OM-56200, OM-55917: Minor tweaks for UI about live workflow

  • CP-18033: Optimize layer traverse perf to avoid slowness of resolver

  • OM-55442: Optimize performance to remove large bunch of prims in layer window

  • [omni.ext] speed up deps solver by looking ahead on constraints


  • OM-56642: Added Menu 2.0 title bar line

  • OM-57080: Guards custom data reading to avoid preventing layers loading

  • OM-56684, OM-56919, OM-56922, OM-56698: UI refinements for live workflow


  • Improve cache status check

  • Refresh menubar if either visible or order changed

  • OM-55860, OM-56323: [omni.kit.viewport.window] Fix issue when omni.ui does not send a key up, and binding material to user chosen prim.

  • OM-53268, OM-55673: Add style input to widget nodes.

  • OM-57156: Add reset to default button in the settings section


  • OM-55568: [omni.kit.viewport] Move Usd camera drawing into viewport.legacy_gizmos

  • OM-57423: Don’t invadvertently try to open directories as USD files during navigation

  • OM-55754: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.display] Do not hide SkelRoot from Skeleton display toggle.

  • OM-55559: [omni.ui] Ability to use buttons in Menu 2.0

  • OM-55406: [omni.kit.manipulator.camera] Make implict camera movement not undoable.

  • OM-55569: [omni.kit.menu.edit] Add hidden item for toggling grid visibility…

  • OM-55142: Add new constant value nodes


  • OM-55553: Menus don’t use contextual grey-out


  • Hotfix for viewport menubars

  • OM-57140: [omni.kit.widget.viewport] Fix issue saving camera-settings when…

  • [flowusd] Fix drag and drop presets to viewport


  • OM-56044: fix scene widget color leak

  • OM-55309: Add callback function in omni.ui to notify the listener when any window’s visibility changed

  • OM-54553, OM-42580, OM-54801: Misc. Content browser fixes


  • OM-55656: Provide test helpers for file import and export


  • OM-55340: [omni.kit.manipulator.prim] Avoid division by zero when an incoming scaleOp component is 0.

  • OM-44639, OM-53268: Add UI/Viewport Nodes

  • OM-47168: [omni.kit.viewport.menubar.render] Push render-enigne changes into legacy ‘/renderer/active’ setting


  • OM-56555, OM-56554: multi_pivot_button_and_explicit_transform_fix


  • OM-51934: Fixes to make ReadMouseState pointer relative to window


  • OM-50312: Make MakeArray inputs dynamic


  • OM-55341: [omni.kit.viewport] Add API to control resolution and scaling factor.