• OM-34524 Fix undefined behavior from std::set_difference operating on possibly unsorted vectors.

  • improvements to tetmesh adapter

  • [OM-25753] Payloads

  • [omni.usd] Explicitly create session layer, as usdview does.

  • OM-33762: Don’t allow to move prim under instance or instance proxy

  • OM-32784: Change precision of metersPerUnit to double

  • OM-27871, OM-33196, OM-18707: Improve grouping command performance

  • Added another way to detect troubles with RTX HydraEngine

  • OM-33286: fix audio so that it properly matches camera orientation

  • OM-32957: Fix issue that renaming prim will not refresh layer window

  • fix-PrimCaching-new-stage-listener

  • OM-32892: Save opened stage to recent after save-as

  • Layer Widgets: Auto authoring mode improvement to release/102

  • fix material load crash’

  • Fix Selection::isPrimPathSelected API

  • OM-31478: Audio: silenced some error messages from audio streamers with bad filenames.

  • Fix mangled MDL texture path on USD inputs

  • OM-31068: fixing “Save As” freeze

  • OM-29163: Add support to stitch prims to specific layer

  • Update material related property widgets, context menu, commands to support Collection-based Material Assignment

  • OM-30599: Audio: split the ‘Sound’ prims into two separate menu entries.

  • OM-30604: Audio: added a python API to control output capture streamers.

  • OM-30588 UsdMaterialWatcher: callback return after destructor fix

  • OM-30345: setting default value of instanceableOnCreatingReference to false

  • Fix material watcher crash caused by batch population

  • fix potential null pointer dereference

  • Fix mdl inputs not populated if addToPendingCreatingMdlPaths is called before material is created

  • OM-30186: Fixing crash when wrong default up axis value is in settings

  • OM-27871: Improve selection perf of large stage

  • physics package update, min frame rate changed to int value

  • OM-29335 Fixed invalid value in queryNextPickedWorldPosition. Allowed nested query within callback and added async version of python API

  • Add omni.usd.get_context().get_picked_world_pos()

  • clean up physics settings, added simulation min frame rate setting

  • OM-29031: Fix path resolve during stage save-as

  • OM-28942: fix sound prim crash

  • Clear pending picking on stage closing

  • Fix another deadlock in selection

  • Pass MDL param description to USD inputs documentation

  • fix_hydra_selection_crash

  • OM-18729 Moved omni.kit.utils.get_stage_next_free_path to omni.usd.get_stage_next_free_path. Added path validity check and tests.

  • OM-28541: Mark root layer dirty for set_pending_edit to give change to save render settings

  • OM-24250 Add option to populate MDL inputs on USD right after load.

  • OM-27912 Fixing MDL annotation missing on referenced asset if material USD input is already defined in asset.

  • Make Transform Manipulator and TransformPrimCommand work on Scale/Rotate/Translate individually instead of matrix

  • SetInstanceable as preference + workaround for instanceable ref picking bug.

  • OM-27061: re-enable ITD

  • [omni.usd] Avoid setting invalid edit target (USD coding error spewage)

  • OM-27257: Remove unused variables

  • OM-27205 Fix new Viewport Camera list

  • [OM-27150]Fix issue of setting transform of UsdUtils.

  • usdAbc support on debug builds, and on linux

  • [OM-26803]Add sequence USD schema

  • OM-27091: Use relative path to save muteness and authoring layer data

  • Fix USD callback

  • Add fail check for USD APIs. Revert delayed new stage.

  • OM-23808: several fixes to spatial audio calculations

  • Usd Utils setLocalTransformMatrix() optimization

  • Improve AssetsLoaded event, repurpose UsdContext.get_stage_loading_status to report assets loading info.

  • omni::kit::StageUpdateNodeDesc: order member does not seem to be taken into…

  • removing physics schema dependencies

  • Remove deprecated OmniClientLibrary wrapper

  • Temporarily disable RTX postprocessing when rendering asynchronously

  • Fix crash when removing sublayer in debug builds

  • Fix CreateReferenceCommand when passing in relative path

  • Fix crash upon initialization if OmniGraph plugin isn’t loaded

  • fix a layer info query crash issue when the attribute doesn’t have any authored value

  • OM-25520 Add UI support for tetrahedralMeshGap

  • OM-25688: workaround for audio corruption due to ITD

  • Merge branch ‘OM-24583_fix_local_reference_on_linux’ into ‘release/100.1’

  • Add Tet Mesh Adapter

  • Read default rotation order from setting and set to XYZ

  • OM-24949: Immediately free resources after unload stage

  • OM-24453: Save render settings before stage save so avoiding lost changed settings

  • Fix usdPreviewSurface support in the hydra storm viewport, pull change from release which copies needed shaders.

  • Add support to attach an opened stage

  • OM-25074 Adjust reference asset to stage up axis

  • OM-24663: Possible crash fix for ViewportWindow

  • OM-18945: Release GIL while creating a new stage to prevent hang


  • added UI payload support

  • OM-32713 Save and persist directory of last opened file across sessions.

  • [OM-33598] Exit dialog is modal

  • OM-33258: Don’t save read-only layers

  • OM-23998: Set default folder after opening recent and open from file menu

  • Fix save task conflict if there are any dirty layers before closing stage

  • Don’t set dirty flag for empty startup stage

  • OM-24453, OM-23526: Improve save-as when it saves on the same stage file


  • OM-34465: Add confirmation prompt for User to confirm sending a render to Omniverse Farm

  • Movie Maker. Make farm job type configurable

  • Fix OM-30570 add path trace samples per pixel setting for Iray mode captures

  • Resolve OM-29787 “Movie capture skip existing frames”

  • Warn on capture every Nth frame is checked if output file format is .mp4

  • Make movie capture window be aware of active renderer changed to Iray

  • Add movie capture extension level settings so that users can start its window with custom initial values

  • Fix OM-26070

  • update movie maker’s change log and version

  • try an implementation of showing the custom aspect ratio on movie capture

  • fix the jumping number issue when mouse moves in and out input fields on the movie capture


  • handle prim name with space into release/102.0

  • OM-33854: Revert “Stage window - Doesn’t show prims that hidden flag is true.”

  • Show Missing Reference

  • Relationship Picker does not filter/highlight stage elements properly

  • adding stage window F2 to rename prim

  • [Stage] Context menu “Copy Prim” and “Paste Prim”

  • Improve stage window

  • [Stage] Additional checks the stage and prim are still valid

  • [Stage2] Quick Fix for OmniGraph

  • [stage] Exclusion types

  • Removing dependency that causes ImGUI assertion in Legacy mode

  • OM-26696: fix Stage Window Selecting World After Rename

  • Add stage filters for public UsdPhysics schema prims and apis.

  • [stage] bug in type_column_delegate

  • [Stage] The ability to add more columns

  • viewport drag and drop undo/redo


  • disabling load with meta-data by default

  • OM-32798 Rearranged ABI functions to be compatible with the 101.0 layout

  • Resolved attrib crash fix

  • Fix for crash in DS.

  • Add startupComputeGraph method needed by DriveSim.

  • Speed up FC initialization time by taking advantage of cached downstream connections.

  • Fix for dependency ordering in execution evaluator

  • OM-27380 Refactored USD update to handle all types

  • disable -Wunused-function for graph attribute inline functions

  • OM-29490 Implemented a new interface for type extraction from strings

  • Make sure the evaluator gets notified when attributes and prims are connected and disconnected.

  • Add support for combining subgraphs with execution graph

  • OM-29095 Moved default scheduling node methods to NodeTypeDef

  • handles output bundle attributes and subgraph changes in node renaming

  • Fix race condition in RenderGraphScheduler map

  • Fix initial OG value flush again.

  • Removed an unused variable related to NodeTypeDef

  • Changed isInput to false for outputs in GraphContext::createNewNode

  • command to return an object

  • Bug fixes to support rehardening of union attributes on connection to…

  • Union types part5

  • Fix crash on trying to record movies with particle system.

  • Fix for initial USD to FC flush.

  • Patch to stop the crash when the OG extension is enabled while a file with python nodes is open.

  • Multiple global graphs

  • Fix more cases of incomplete NodeObj init

  • Make OmniGraph not overwrite prim in FlatCache if it was already added by something else

  • Fix up a few places where NodeObj::nodeContextHandle is not initialized. Still many others…

  • Batched updates to usd.

  • OM-24395: OG thread Safety workaround

  • bugfix for a corner case where the evaluator misses scheduling a newly connected node

  • Fixed a couple small things in OmniGraph

  • OM-24395: Add OmniGraph postprocessing of RTX renderer output

  • Handle deep relative paths for non-ogn_connections.

  • Fix crash on startup of create when enabling OG.

  • Fix for creating prim nodes where it exists already.

  • Connection type persistence

  • Initialize empty relationship in FlatCache to empty path

  • assertion criteria bugfix

  • Treat USD prim nodes with upstream connections as terminal

  • Node connect / disconnect callbacks


  • OM-33506 and OM-11420 (flatcache CUDA crash fix)

  • flatcache: Add get or create attribute

  • OM-31225: Add missing #include to fix omni physics build error

  • OM-30150: Only copy array attributes needed by OmniHydra

  • Support multiple flatcaches

  • Fix Flatcache prefetch and valid bit update for DriveSim

  • Fix unused variable errors that only show up on linux and in the drivesim repo.

  • Fix const usage in StageWithHistory get*Attribute* wrappers

  • Use const in StageInProgress read method, fixes build error in drivesim

  • Add read-only and write-only accessors to StageInProgress

  • Fix flatcache set intersection

  • Fix OM-25962 by supporting eTag in Type to TfType conversion

  • Flatcache change logging for PhysX and USD-style interface for flatcache

  • Add array attribute support to StageInProgress

  • Disable locking for size one ringbuffer

  • StageInProgress updates for drivesim

  • Fix flatcache debug spam

  • Merge flatcache stage with history from drivesim to master


  • OM-34280: Remove kgsPerUnit from layer property

  • Fix layer property window to change layer offset

  • OM-32950: Set color hint for missing sublayer


  • OM-34403: Remove grey area created in Open File dialog by Checkpoint widget

  • Content window persistent width of versioning panel

  • always show “create checkpoint” if server supported

  • stronger warning in filepicker delete dialog

  • Resize checkpoints panel

  • OM-32729 Don’t try to connect to local windows path

  • Content Browser improvements

  • OM-25271-add-open-in-file-browser-context-menu

  • OM-29285: Improve options pane support for file picker

  • cleanly destroy filepicker dialog

  • OM-25646: : property window correct lower case local filenames

  • Filepicker regression fix: navigates to directory when creating dialog with current_directory value

  • Fixes Content browser bug - slowness in populating directories

  • Filepicker thumbnails mismatched to items in grid view


  • Updated version for context menu fix

  • OM-34176,OM-34196][content] Fixed context menu

  • OM-33160: Fixed crash: never destroy the default icon

  • OM-21156: Added drag and drop of multiselection

  • OM-30768: Make Filename column push to the right and not be totally absorbed by other columns.

  • OM-32851 fix to filepicker crash when navigating through browser bar

  • content browser always show versioning window when enabled

  • added overwrite dialog to filepicker copy

  • Improve content-browser navigation speed.

  • Trying to restore ImageWithProvider in ContentBrowser

  • Fix several issues with content browser and thumbnails.

  • Content misc. bug fixes

  • Add a default style switch logic for the core extension

  • Fixes content browser crash when refreshing large number of file changes

  • Replace ImageWithProvider with Image

  • OM-29866 Fixes: Kit crashes during Live Sync due to auto refresh in Content Browser

  • Filepicker auto-refreshes folders

  • Fixed filebrowser bug: thumbnail generator not called

  • OM-28899: Supports range selection with shift key in grid view

  • avoid calling scandir on file path

  • fix unconditional usage of self._grid_view which is only set in tree view


  • OM-34434: [omni.ui] Fixed crash when docking with script

  • [OM-31807: Fixed float drag when double clicking

  • [OM-29853: [omniui] Fixed crash in WindowHandle::isSelectedInDock

  • [omni.ui] dock_tab_bar_visible and dock_tab_bar_enabled

  • Adding HTTPS support to images

  • [omni.ui] shade for float and url style parameters

  • [omni.ui] Don’t block hovering state when popup window is on the screen

  • [omni.ui]: Make sure the target window can be found when trying to restore a layout

  • Skip invisible children in ui.Grid

  • [omni.ui] Float size of font

  • [omni.ui] Some Item methods are not abstract

  • [omni.ui] Fixed position property of docked window

  • [omni.ui] OM-29344: Fixed tooltips

  • Add omniui_api to callbackBase

  • Adding exporting decoration to omni::ui::CallbackHelper

  • OM-28700: Clean up the tree view item node cache recursively

  • [umni.ui] Introducing shades

  • Fix for the drag crash

  • [omni.ui] Memory management in callbacks

  • Add ellipse shape to omni ui

  • Change combobox droplist scrollbar background to be transparent

  • [omni.ui] Default style object


  • OM-34420: Added support for usd_omni_wrapper


  • [exts] Improve failure diagnostic, fix user config reset in precache tool

  • [exts] log more info on ext solver solution, fix precache tool upgrade mode

  • exts: add more logging and –upgrade for precache tool

  • exts: fix: do not generate version lock in case of failure

  • exts: fix runtime dependencies were not set (ext graph UI broken)

  • ext version lock: write more meta information into generated section

  • ext version lock: add optional overwrite flag support

  • add ext version lock generation in the same kit file

  • ext settings: ignore special directives from app merger (++ and @import@)

  • exit app when startup extensions fail to resolve

  • exts: only load .kit files as single file extensions

  • ext publish: embed kit version and date into package, show in UI

  • ext tests: select highest version by default, allow queries like omni.foo-2.3

  • exts: more errors and checks for ext_id and version parsing

  • ext manager: prefer local extensions over remote (add a setting)

  • Do not write to extension.toml when publishing

  • exts: fs watcher paths setting to control amount of folder subscriptions for heavy extensions

  • fix kit global paths and versions

  • exts: excluded extensions, fix failure diagnostic message, UI minor fix

  • exts: ignore empty dicts of [[native.library]], [[native.plugin]], [[python.module]]

  • extension config generic filters support


  • OM-31441_remove_invalid_material_prims

  • OM-34143: Refresh invalid cache status for sublayers after on-the-fly save-as

  • OM-25941: Fix sublayer refresh from offline to live

  • Disable missing layer check by default for layer window

  • Fix save-as crash caused by invalid layer identifier to 102.0

  • OM-32272, OM-31074: Add auto-authoring mode support to release/102

  • OM-31450: Allow to create/insert sublayer after right click empty space in layer window

  • OM-30842, OM-30843: Move layer reload to omni.usd as public APIs

  • OM-30512: New layer lock support

  • OM-30317: Fix drag and drop checkpoint layers

  • Fix flatten layers issue

  • Fix live mode UI refresh

  • OM-27871: Optimize ‘select invert’ and multiple prim specs delete

  • OM-29412, OM-28139: Fix flickering of save icon in live mode

  • OM-30120: Fix layer move

  • OM-29975: Fix issue that it disables contents display in layer window

  • OM-29857: Support to find layer in content browser

  • OM-29869, OM-28986: Improve font color of missing layer & fix possible exception

  • OM-28986: More improvement to layer style

  • OM-29254: Improve reload for Omniverse layer to sync latest server version

  • Layer window refactoring and tests improvement

  • OM-29540: Improve search perf of layer window

  • OM-29534: Improve layer refresh

  • OM-29401 Save All Layers button to create checkpoint when applicable

  • OM-29415: Fix issue of replacing edit target layer

  • OM-28986: New look for layer view

  • Quick fix of startup issue caused by MR 9445

  • OM-29278: Fix perf issue of array query from layer window

  • Enable the auto-scaling by disabling the PCP_DISABLE_TIME_SCALING_BY_LAYER_TCPS flag

  • OM-28623: Copy layer meta during layer transfer after creating the first sublayer

  • Revert payload name of item to fix extensions that extend context menu of layer window

  • OM-25676: Fix memory leak of layer window

  • OM-28266: Support to remove multiple prim specs

  • Revert “Merge branch ‘fix_texture_leak’ into ‘master’”

  • OM-25676: Fix memory leaks of ui.image and layers window

  • OM-27619: Fix drag and drop to layer window in list view of content window

  • OM-27872: Fix layer flatten

  • OM-21899 Add “Replaced with” checkpoint message when save over existing file

  • OM-25921: Add context menu support to insert usd as sublayer from content window

  • OM-25211: Add options to fetch latest if there are layer conflict

  • fix_layer_permission_issue

  • fix_valid_layer_open


  • improved-material-prim-list-monitor

  • create material menu doesn’t use full path for .mdl file

  • OM-13522: Content window bind material

  • Add setting to use original svg color for icons in create menu


  • OM-33212: WA to fix folder creation on network drive, fix commonpath issue

  • OM-31960: Fix possible naming conflict of collect tool for flat collection

  • OM-33250, OM-33212, OM-33113: Fix collect tool: allow to collect cross domain files, folder pick fix

  • OM-30001: Use copy with override from omni.client for collect tool

  • OM-29859: Improve collect tool to support collecting checkpoints


  • OM-34203: Fix possible hang of usdcontext after post quit

  • fix random omni.kit.console keyboard input causing test error

  • make portable config more flexible, allow apps make their own

  • run loop test and fix


  • OM-34271: Add ability to “deep link” into Preferences pages

  • move omnihydra skeladapter options ot preference page

  • Merge branch ‘OM-33173’ into ‘master’

  • OM-31529: Audio: fixed an error message from the “apply” button for audio device selection.

  • added feedback when /app/hydra/material/renderContext setting changed

  • preferences window adjust category width

  • OM-29397: new preferences UI

  • Fix crash when opening Preferences Window

  • add_stage_reload_hint_for_changing_mat_network


  • Flow Point Cloud Bugfix

  • Flow. Improve robustness of auto cell size.

  • Flow package update. Fix Smearing, improve performance.

  • Flow Sphere Bugfix

  • FlowUsd. Orthonormalize localToWorld before extracting rotation.

  • FlowUsd. Make property widget optional.

  • FlowUsd. Fix force simulate timestepping behavior.

  • FlowUsd. Workaround to force absoluteSimTime uniqueness.


  • OM-32652 Add more camera settings, show navigation speed on keyboard input, add inertia to WASD navigation

  • [OM-30764] Renaming camera should reassign the viewport camera

  • OM-34144 Make sure to clear drop target when dropped prim isn’t a UsdGeomXformable.

  • OM-31324 Check against Imgui::isMouseReleased to unstick the viewport, which…

  • Fix build issue caused by rebase

  • OM-31910: Fix null prim access after layer mute

  • OM-33588 Make orthographic cameras save out their position, not their target for 102.0

  • OM-27585: Clear stub camera in session layer after remove/rename

  • Brute force mouse-up on all non button events. (OM-31627, OM-31324)

  • Fixing crash on improper timeline input formatting

  • fix bad xform gizmo state that disables picking

  • fix_viewport_pick_ray_and_context_menu_when_resolution_doesnt_meet

  • orthographic fixes from 10909 and 10934

  • OM-30580: Clipping transform gizmo if it’s out of camera’s frustum

  • Add hook up to drag/drop for animation to be assigned to skeleton using setting

  • OM-29384 Add setting to control viewport drawable blocking behavior

  • The ability to use multiple contexts in multiple viewports

  • on camera duplication don’t include child prims

  • [Viewport] Draw cross when dragging a layer to viewport

  • Add is_content_region_hovered to viewport window (needed by OM-29557)

  • fix for mousewheel not working in viewport camera

  • Add IViewport texture resolution override

  • Clear UsdGeomBBoxCache in response to prim resyncs (e.g., changing variants)

  • OM-23854 Expose ViewportWindow picking getter/setter in python

  • OM-26361 Make duplicate viewport camera a python command

  • OM-27478 Support camera control on multiple viewports.

  • OM-27919 Change failed SceneRenderer error to warning

  • OM-25896 Sync ortho camera width between FreeCamera and USD

  • Make built-in camera’s xformOps and rotation types follow Preferences


  • OM-34145: Fix drag and drop from system to content browser

  • filepicker persistent width doesn’t effect dialogs

  • OM-32804 Resizing the window breaks checkpoint splitter bar

  • content browser show an dialog error message if copy fails

  • OM-29289 Handle and print exception in _copy_items callback

  • Add OpenVDB and NanoVDB icons to the content browser


  • Align usd thumbnail generation setting and enable by default.


  • Fixing driver range detection logic in compatibility checker

  • Add a button to open log file in compatibility checker notifications

  • Refactoring compat checker code for easier testing, adding couple of tests

  • OM-32133: Improved compatibility checker

  • Warn about RTX init failure in viewport


  • IApp: by default assume internal build

  • OM-32662: Fix python profiler and profile of few early loaded plugins

  • OM-19843: print location of user config

  • app version taken from kit file version by default

  • IApp shutdown sequence events

  • change user.config to load earlier, in regular config merge pipeline

  • OM-29991: fixing log file cannot be written if folder doesn’t exist

  • Allowing ++ syntax to create arrays when array is not present

  • Update carbonite to fix CARB_ASSERT, applyRange, etc.

  • portable paths args, test artifacts, python flags

  • python libraries stubgen


  • compute node widget

  • Omnigraph NE: add auto icons

  • Add node debugdrawline to omni.graph.ui

  • Fix: Omnigraph UI node deletion

  • OM-31248 OM-31247 Fixed ghosted text and node interface wrapper access

  • [OmniGraph] Fixed fail related to the new graph multiselection

  • Add left panel in Omnigraph UI

  • Enable connectPrim in OG’s NE.

  • Omnigraph NE: feature: use the metadata uiName to show the nodes in FastSearch and as a node name during the creation

  • Omnigraph NE: remove Warning: in SdfPath

  • Omnigraph NE: fix spamming message + loop flow direction

  • Omnigraph NE: fixes and features

  • Omnigraph NE: disable ConnectPrimCommand and DisconnectPrimCommand

  • Omnigraph: fix ConnectPrimCommand

  • Feature: Omnigraph auto disconnect input

  • Auto pan when the mouse is near the border

  • Use a custom data key to reverse attribute relationship flow

  • Fix regressions in Node Description Editor

  • Omnigraph fix: don’t move subgraph node when an external node is moved and over the

  • Fix/omnigraph change

  • Omnigraph features and fixes

  • Fix/canvas features

  • Feature/vprim node editor

  • Omnigraph Editor fixes

  • Workaround for get_subgraphs() that return “/” for the current graph

  • Subgraph as backdrop


  • Render Settings Fixes: OM-32220, OM-32080, OM-25837, OM-28631

  • OM-20155L Fixed image leak in omni.rtx.window.settings

  • Render Settings: Propagate changes to Vector/Color settings immediately

  • OM-25608: Render Settings: Add “Burger” Menu for Load/Save/Reset

  • OM-24795: Fix Render Settings Crash

  • OM-24808/OM-24103: RenderSettings: File/Asset Picker Widget and Load/Save Settings in USD form


  • Added IBundle::removeAttribute (port of MR 10908 to release/102.0)

  • Fixes for extended attribs

  • Support for singleton node types

  • OM-31626 Added documentation and support for the singleton keyword

  • OM-31349 Fixed return value for tuple array data

  • Update schema and docs, tutorial for extended-attrib tests

  • Please welcome: omni.graph.action

  • Remove unneeded geo nodes and associated UI

  • Add support for explicit typed test cases

  • Add optimizations for Realm-based scheduling in OmniGraph

  • Patch to always create prim nodes at the root graph level

  • Convert time based deformer to use ogn

  • Fix for re-connecting extended attributes

  • Action graph - add more generic nodes for OM-31028

  • Generalize downstream connections metadata to handle fanout.

  • Fix extended type resolution for OM-30404

  • OM-29233 Refactored metadata to fix node type description

  • For OM-30325: Add GetLookAtRotation

  • Fixes and cleanup to execution graph for OM-30325

  • Bidirectional connections

  • OM-30579 Made the per-node data key more unique

  • OM-27380 Added node tags and namespace type name overrides

  • For OM-29793: First pass Get/Set attribute support for action graph

  • Refactor graph Attribute to use Type

  • ogn path support for kit-sdk package

  • Gather scatter

  • OM-29477 Restored old workaround for updating USD

  • Fix attribute compatibility check when destination is ‘any’

  • Added IAttribute::areAttrsCompatible to fix graph editor compatibility check

  • OM-29095 Change how prims are emptied to avoid an attribute bucket leak

  • Omnigraph: fix connect and disconnect prim from bundle attributes

  • OM-26367 Reorganized scripts to accommodate attribute data access etc

  • OM-25328 Added node support for the core

  • Create node inside a graph if a graph is selected

  • Add some nodes and test scenes for perf measurements.

  • Do not allow nodes with unknown types to be created. This is causing a crash in Drivesim.

  • Changed attribute type name “prim” to “bundle”

  • OM-27380 Renamed example nodes to match naming conventions

  • Multiple global graphs part2

  • OM-25328 Split the omni.graph.core extension into two

  • Fix for not able to access OmnigraphHelper at initialization time.

  • enable the realm scheduler through the UI.

  • OM-27757 Refactored to get attribute handle from the attribute at compute time

  • wrap bundle functions for python

  • Interface to allow inputs/outputs/state to be added as union types. Bug and test fixes.

  • Union types

  • Use RenderVars to disambiguate between targets for OmniGraph postprocessing

  • Bump all OG related extensions to version 1.0.0

  • OM-23823 Got tuple bundled data extraction working

  • Dynamic scheduling default behavior

  • Clean up code for OmniGraph-RTX Postprocessing

  • Subgraph creation and rename functions

  • Execution connections

  • Different connection types plus bug fixes.

  • Add preview image to omni.graph.core and omni.graph.ui extensions. Improve description text.

  • OM-24202 Add handling of unspecified defaults to .ogn files

  • Add option for setting the default evaluator.


  • [OM-19848][UI Doc] Cosmetic fixes

  • [omni.ui][OM-29493] Fixed SCROLLBAR_ALWAYS_OFF

  • Set of tests


  • OM-33948: Wait more frames for usd paths to populate materials

  • OM-27201: usd_paths fix for too many items in list


  • OM-33261: Fixed issue with property window not showing layer metadata sometimes

  • OM-30902 OM-30926 Allow property window “notify” to be paused/resumed

  • Fix the background color for slider for NVIDIALight


  • OM-34024: Add progress notification about frame captures

  • Added the handling of path tracing iterations for capturing in Iray mode

  • Fix serialization/deserialization issues for CaptureOptions.

  • fix a regression the prevent capture every Nth frame from working

  • Add new movie type sunstudy into movie capture

  • Fix movie capture UI scroll issue and change mp4 images’ name pattern

  • Make movie capture support preroll frames

  • Make movie capture tool’s progress report more user friendly

  • Fix the movie capture time precision is a bit much issue

  • Let movie capture don’t use settings for PT in RT mode

  • Fix the movie capture doesn’t fix simulation step time issue

  • OM-24248 Make sure to setup XR compositing parameters when capturing movie alpha channel


  • exts global system cache

  • ext registry: fix index refresh API call

  • Make it possible to wait for indexes to be synced in the Kit service registries.


  • OM-30911: Add notification if default prim is missing in reference file

  • Add Audio category under viewport “Show By Type” menu

  • Adding missing IAppWindow Python bindings

  • Use const reference instead of reference for input parameter of UsdPrim in EditorUsd.

  • OM-25798: Stage window don’t select material after dragdrop

  • Add TetMeshAdapter’s .json file on Linux


  • livestream changes


  • OM-33350: remove undo redo stack limit

  • OM-24923: Fix exception caused by popping empty array


  • move omni.kit.window.profiler to kit-devtools

  • [omni.kit.window.profiler] Work around omni.kit.ui.Popup crashes


  • OM-26094 Makes popup dialogs modal and binds ENTER/ESC keys to their Okay/Cancel buttons

  • Support Enter and Esc keys by default to validate or cancel popup dialogs


  • Compatibility mode fixes


  • test system: match versions as strings, nil suite, more flexible app tests

  • extension test: treat kit file as an app

  • extension testing: allow select apps for tests and downloading them

  • physics package update, enabling physics tests again

  • exts: helper for finding ext_id and module + more test goodness

  • omni.kit.test: provide API to register custom test status callbacks

  • fix omni.kit.example.toolbar_button leak

  • material_swap leak fix

  • read and write auth for ext registry


  • Open checkpoint from Content Browser

  • Added username to content window checkpoint list


  • Removing redundant copy in renderer-rtx extension


  • fixed height of snap increment settings window

  • toolbutton_flyout_menu

  • Add “Context” to Toolbar


  • add point drawing functions to IDebugDraw

  • Rearrange order of operations in UsdFileOp


  • Removing omni.kit.window.render_farm, merge with movie_maker extension

  • Renderfarm UI improvements.


  • ext template: fix vscode folder not being packaged

  • OM-32600: omni.kit.window.extensions: extension template create button

  • make ext manager UI registry test more stable

  • extensions ui: sort by date, deps list toggle

  • Move extension autoload to be part of core startup, allowing to autoload lower lever extensions

  • exts: user extension folders + properties UI

  • exts UI: export/import of an extension

  • ext ui registries control, ext registries can now persist, properties ui improvements

  • [extension manager] fix reference to changelog, remove leading space from markdown headlines

  • extensions UI: “show feature only”, “show toggleable only”, package.app

  • ext manager UI tweaks


  • [material_preview] Removed Material Preview

  • [material preview] Better usda for the preview swatch

  • Material Preview is running at the same process

  • Material preview remote render

  • [Material Editor] Removed material editor

  • added constructors, added remap, fixed json files to match.

  • Material compounds import/export

  • [Material Editor] Fixing creation of new nodes

  • [MatEditor] Redesigned left panel and added search


  • any multi-item material appear in create submenu

  • added add menu to viewport context menu


  • OM-28946: hook up telemetry in 102


  • OM-30913: Support to find reference or payload in browser if prim has authored references or payloads

  • OM-30427: Add missing color for missing reference in property window

  • property references only show checkpoint when supported

  • OM-27389: Fixed the format of FloatDrag

  • OM-25481: context menu add menu

  • property window added text clear button

  • Fix options pane builder for adding reference

  • property window handle large selections

  • property widget disable connection editing

  • OM-18950 OM-23483 Support hard range (in model) vs soft range (in widget) for USD property widget

  • OM-29905 Fixed Search in Add Target(s) window of relationship widget.

  • OM-28913 Add support for SdfTimeCode type in USD Property Widget

  • OM-6064 Support nested display group in USD property widget + MDL nested group annotation

  • OM-27272: * Enable multi-tasks collecting, * Improve usd-only collect

  • Fix Non-default icon not resetting when drag value to default.

  • Fix references widget not showing broken ref

  • OM-27329 Update SdfAssetPath to USD in Property Widget only when EditEnd.

  • Use PrimCompositionQuery to find references and introducing layers

  • Show schema default value on USD Property Widget if the Attribute value is undefined in USD file.

  • generate_property_window_documentations

  • special_default_value_for_xformOp_scale

  • OM-23363: Improve the property window light style

  • OM-24865: Fix add reference old stage issue

  • Merge branch ‘property-window-reset-fixes’ into ‘master’

  • Property window raw empty fix

  • support_schema_default_value

  • one_click_reset_in_property_window

  • property-window-add-reference-refreshes


  • Add UI renderer device driver info to crash metadata, fix…

  • Fixing crash in the app icon setting path

  • add setting to set app icon on windows to omni.appwindow

  • API to set DPI override [breaks carb::imgui::ImGui->1.0 and omni::kit::IAppWindowFactory->2.0]


  • menu file save grey-out on non-writeable files

  • fix %% characters in recent menu


  • OM-32928 - Check that the menu exists in the dictionary before trying to update check state.

  • Re-enable original svg color for editor menu

  • Add forceEditorMenu for View

  • OM-26609: omni.kit.menu.utils fix for submenu merge issue

  • OM-26609: Omni kit menu utils updates

  • OM-24331: Menu reordering fix


  • OM-28437: support for /app/renderer/skipWhileMinimized in Next

  • OM-29345: double the default ImGui vertex stream buffer size

  • Moved comparison function into a separate extension, fixed ImGuiRenderer default window attachment

  • Fix graphics leaks + some minor fixes

  • OM-28438: Adding acquire semaphore logic

  • Fixing debug names for IRenderer textures, changing the graphics objects leak error->warning


  • Remove the asyncio loop from the splash screen


  • OM-32145: script editor window: add more font sizes using font scale


  • Omnihydra blendshape

  • omnihydra bypass render skelmesh process - kit

  • Add a switch to explicitly bypass RTX skinning shader

  • [omni.hydra.ui, omni.hydra.examples] Conform with omni.ui API

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Properly set up gprim prototypes, and restore ability to ignore USD writes


  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Do not create duplicate cache entries, and properly deregister ptinst entries.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Support ancestral xforms for ptinst prototypes

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Ensure proper refresh when purpose is authored.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Propagate dirty instancer bits first to ensure proper prototype dirtiness

  • OM-28034 integrate omni hydra skel adapter to kit master

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Do not populate ptinst prototypes with their scene paths as cache paths.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Correct IDs when point instancer prototypes have multiple gprim descendants

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Correct precision for SetInstanceTransform

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Don’t update the delegate cache 5x per iteration.

  • Make flatcache notice handling and fastcacheAPI use of flatcache more robust during reparenting

  • [rtx.hydra, omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Several fixes for scenegraph and point instancing.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Skip expired xformOps.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Stabilize handling of scenegraph instances within PointInstancers.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Restore point instancer updates.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Disable instancing by default (fall back to UsdImaging instancing support)

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Properly handle xformOps with 1 timesample.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Ignore xformOps that have no authored values.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Support non-constant primvar interpolation

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Restore validity check for invalid prim IDs (lost in !8193)

  • Changes to integrate StageWithHistory/Flatcache with Hydra.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Skip invalid cached prims upon resync.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Provide virtual dtors for adapters.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Guard against invalid delegate cache in fastcache API.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Ignore non-xform bits for lights in PostSync


  • Minor adjustment of notification layout to avoid too much space to the right border

  • Disable notification for session layer to mis-report builtin overridden

  • OM-27755, OM-27681: Initialize notification manager extension


  • USD: Enable AnimationSchemaTool and upgrade version


  • remove deepwall for now


  • combined versioning “Save with Comment” with “Save”

  • OM-29949 fix stage with only rootlayer cannot save checkpoint

  • Restore client library version that supports reading checkpoint

  • OM-29064 Make Save and Save with Comment unified UI


  • OM-29864 Make the icon path work inside and outside of Kit

  • OM-30596 Added support for attribute and memory type template parameters

  • Set context on state attributes in OGN Database class

  • OM-27380 Rename unwritable file tag

  • Avoid regenerating identical ogn files

  • Write ogn attribute description to metadata

  • OM-23823 Added bundle data tutorial and support for tests it will use

  • OM-23822 Fixed naming for input bundle attributes


  • [GraphView] Fixed display_color, added icon and preview to the model

  • [GraphView] White border for rectangle selection

  • [MDL Editor] Multiple Selection

  • fix material editor exception when opening material

  • fix input_is_target_connection flag in GraphView when virtual_ports is disabled

  • fix spelling in various places

  • reduce dependency of omni.kit.widget.graph from usd to usd.libs

  • [graph] call destroy() for all delegates from the router

  • [omni.ui] Fixed broken scroll zoom in CanvasFrame

  • [Material Editor] Grouping of ports

  • [Material Editor] Reverted “Grouping of ports”

  • [Material Editor] Grouping of ports


  • Fix OM-25735 (Video Encoding Wrong Year)

  • [OM-27159] Take into account buffer argument in bindings


  • Allow underscores in IDL urls

  • Fix services client for IDL transports


  • GPU Foundation extension / factory


  • new stage template sunflowers

  • OM-25421 Fix prim not following xformOp preferences. Reduce duplicate code among CreatePrimWithDefaultXformCommand, CreatePrimCommand and CreateDefaultXformOnPrimCommand.


  • Fixing HTTP access in ImageWithProvider scheme


  • Fixed for Http support in ui.Image and ui.ImageWithProvider / Update Client Libs


  • property window don’t build RawUsdProperties when frame is closed

  • OM-22443: visibleInPrimaryRay default value changed to True


  • Handle omni.client’s singleton behavior in multiprocessed environments.


  • [Stage] Fixed Stage window when creating second USD Context


  • Simplify https transport


  • OM-30770: Fixed crash in column delegate of content

  • Catch TransportError in case connection is lost


  • Move Progress Monitor to kit-windows repo

  • Download, Cache Monitor


  • fix hydra viewport crashes, lighting, and picking


  • Added dependency to quicklayout


  • OM-30461: Reorder application button indices to reflect ImGui button indices.


  • Clean up splash screen, remove mdl_preview service


  • Kit services, data encoding/decoding functionality


  • Kit Services: Make connections persistable to enable connection pooling for aiohttp


  • Re-cleanup kit core

  • Clean up Kit Core


  • Fix dpi issue of viewport widgets extension

  • OM-27638: Adding naming widget under camera for multi-user collaboration


  • OM-27968: cleaned up the ISerializer acquire calls in Kit to specify the plugin that is expected.


  • OM-30186: settings widget fix preferences window usage of combobox value


  • Move default app.player.play* settings from toolbar to timeline extension.


  • Fixed compile error in BundleContents::insertBundle

  • OM-29095 Filled in missing pieces to call scheduling nodes

  • Resolve OM-27627 “Kpicott//refactor for consistency”


  • Revert select menu

  • Moved Select commands to Select menu and expanded commands


  • material widget fix common attributes with multi select

  • material property widget support NodeGraph shaders

  • OM-28458: material property widget search with icon

  • material property widget show outputs last

  • OM-27873: material property widget handle relationship in attribute list

  • fix material search issue with long lists


  • Initial work for Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V


  • Fix mismatch in realm option


  • IRay - remove old settings extension, change name to Iray where possible


  • fix om-29869: Errors when erasing Instanced assets

  • transform widget changes

  • TransformOp context menu for the Add button in the property window


  • OM-29408: Add settings for high quality shapes generation

  • New create menu


  • OM-26128: parent prims handle instanceable prims

  • OM-26553: menu.edit can capture viewport-only screenshots

  • OM-19000: updated edit menu to use new omni.kit.file.util


  • Fix more OmniGraph related Linux compiler warnings

  • fix displacement operators

  • Fix for omitted edit by gitignore.

  • Fixes for omni.graph.nodes

  • Fix for omni.graph.nodes extension to not crash Create


  • Make ansel working without omni.kit.editor


  • Separate extensions omni.kit.asset_converter and omni.kit.tool.asset_importer

  • Remove old editor and content window dependencies for layers, asset importer, and collector extensions

  • Update asset importer to fix dir creation issue

  • OM-17641: Update asset importer to support light import


  • Support multiple OS windows in omni.kit.renderer.capture

  • Proper memory ownership for captures, cleaned up code


  • Autocapture improvements

  • OM-26667: Autocapture can record GPU performance JSON

  • OM-26667: Autocapture helper


  • OM-27614 Added [0, 5] soft range for refinementLevel

  • OM-25471: property window show doNotCastShadows inverted


  • fix crash fast search when right click

  • FastSearch: click on a item to create it


  • Fix cube generation if object origin is not [0, 0, 0]

  • create menu mesh exception fix


  • [omni.usd.libs] Add Alembic binaries.


  • OM-26128: Added prim parent/unparent to edit menu

  • Stage payload bug fix + TogglePayLoadLoadSelectedPrimsCommand


  • Update sequence USD schema


  • removed physx dlls from physics schema


  • Fix WebRTC default signaling transport protocol.

  • Livestream extensions fixup


  • OM-20774: Create omni.kit.widget.prompt extension


  • Splash screen improvements [breaking omni::splash::ISplashScreen->1.0]

  • default splash screen, ext UI tweaks


  • Move CEF out of the Kit repo

  • CEF download handler

  • Updating CEF version and copying license to the extension folder

  • CEF: cleanup and source code restructurization

  • CEF: javascript query API support + assorted fixes

  • CEF: fixed crash on exit and improved keyboard handling

  • Kit CEF integration


  • remove webview, example.dependent_ext, omni.kit.default, few old files


  • remove legacy extensions


  • python debugger extension


  • allow_setting_eventloop_type


  • Set livestream enabled when enabling native streaming, Disable throttling when streaming


  • Fix the tcp socket transport.


  • Fix “open” command when run with autoexec.lst

  • OM-25044: Fix for crash when log string is too long

  • OM-25044: Fix memory corruption crash


  • dependency cleanup and bugfix

  • expression node - remove importing deprecated or unused modules

  • remove pipapi installation of asteval and torch from OgnExpression


  • From DriveSim: Update asset converter to support converting specified up-axis

  • OM-27182: Update asset converter to fix export crash

  • OM-26197: Add animation export support for asset converter

  • OM-23153: Reorg omni.kit.tool.asset_importer to service and UI extension


  • Registry service with S3 and Nucleus backends


  • Status bar complies to hideUI setting


  • Agent improvements


  • [OM-25515]Move skelvis extension to animation repo

  • [OM-25202]Fix performance issue of skelvis extension.

  • [OM-25176]Codes refactoring for skeleton visualization.

  • [OM-23537]Pick skeleton joint regardless of current picking mode

  • [OM-24678]Fix a bug that skeleton visualization sometimes doesn’t refresh


  • Add kit Numpy Commons extension to introduce numpy dtypes binding


  • OmniHydra - Scene graph instancing support (OM-24915)


  • Updated old preferences window to use new omni.kit.menu.utils


  • omni.ui documentation format


  • Reduce the time Kit-Next hangs with undocked UI on startup


  • Remove isaac shapenet extension from kit sdk


  • OM-25034 Fix MDL drag and drop undo group


  • OM-24612: Create now loads carb.glinterop.plugin


  • [OM-24254]Add UsdEditTargetUndo.


  • Add drc extension support for Draco plug-in

  • OM-32094: add feature flag to many user facing extensions

  • Adding support for thumbnail generation in all of the various filepicker widgets

  • OM-17238: Custom material dialog

  • update carbonite…ITokens breaking change

  • OM-12546 Command name suffix removal

  • OM-29949 Fix Save with Comment menu state

  • OM-29961 remove checkpoint from Save As

  • OM-29953 restore checkpoint context menu on all column

  • OM-27536 OM-27643 OM-27642 OM-29174 Reference Checkpoint

  • add stage widget context menu to open in material_graph

  • Rename omni.assets -> omni.assets.plugins

  • Support for loading USD schemas as extensions

  • [omni.ui][OM-27463] Option for smooth zoom for CanvasFrame

  • Create/List/Restore Checkpoint

  • Add usdAbc support

  • Remove Omniverse from extensions title

  • switch to python 3.7

  • Workaround latency issues in multi-os-window