Core Framework & USD

  • Refactor of the Kit Classes splitting the API in more logical pieces.

  • New Extension system (Extension 2.0) with dependency management and clearer structure.

  • Many of the Kit Windows are now Extension 2.0.

  • New interface ITimeline: Manages a global timeline for animation control.

  • Layers’ interfaces have been re-organized to support nesting of layers (support for sub-layers of sub-layers).

  • Added support for synchronizing time across Omniverse stage in Live mode.

  • Added default option to keep UsdPrim’s world transform when re-parenting.

  • Allowed collapsed copy of reference prim’s descendants.

  • UsdShadeShader prim’s subIdentifier now requires no namespace prefix and will issue a warning if namespace is included.

  • New mesh generator and general primitive improvements.

  • White Mode now has a global exception list in Preferences to exclude materials that will not be changed when White mode is enabled.

  • USD diagnostic message is now turned on by default to help guide correct USD usage and debugging.

  • Add support for nesting sub-layers for USD compliance so users can operate the whole layer tree.

  • Improved stage save workflow to control the granularity of saving of stage.

  • OM-Fixed UsdPrim visibility not honoring display purpose filter settings.

  • OM-Popup menu when drag and drop MDL file onto a UsdPrim now only includes UsdGeomGprim, UsdGeomSubset and UsdGeomXform.

  • OM-10x default far-plane to allow rendering bigger scenes.

  • OM-Improved performance when framing objects by pressing F in viewport.

  • OM-Fixed std::bad_weak_ptr exception on several omni.kit.ui python bindings.

  • OM-Fixed “Create Camera from View” only taking the local transform of the source camera.

UI Framework

  • New UI toolkit called Omni::UI to enable extendable and visually compelling user interfaces.

  • Omni UI Components: Dynamic layout system, Flexible styles, Button, Image, Label, Model based widget like ColorWidget, Slider, ComboBox, ToolButton.

  • Advanced UI element for Tree, List Views using fast and flexible models.

  • Workspace system to control Kit’s windows and docking.

  • Streaming Widget extension.

  • New Web component based on chrome to create web content views and based interfaces.

  • Previous python UI system is still present but will be deprecated over the next couple of versions.

  • Stage View re-implemented using Omni::UI in with Python.

Kit Application UI/Material Workflow

  • OM-Status bar now displays the last logging message at bottom left corner.

  • OM-Support to drag and drop materials from stage window to viewport window to enable binding of material.

  • OM-Context menu support using Right click in Layer, Stage and Viewport Windows.

  • OM-New Scene Presets and options to create your own.

  • OM-New Selection workflow to Select All, None, Inverse, Hide, Unselect etc.

  • OM-Viewport HUD stats on/off.

  • OM-Viewport Display Purpose menu.

  • OM-Viewport Display By Type menu.

Cloud and Microservices

  • OM-New Control Port extension to write micro-services for Kit.

  • OM-New Kit agent extension to enable to launch Kit instance remotely.


  • OM-Created an Omniverse Kit Remote installer.

  • OM-Client streaming window is now resizable, Kit must be launched with –carb/app/livestream/allowResize=true to enable the feature.

  • OM-Windows clients are now launched automatically when a URL beginning with kit-remote-2020-1:// is present. For instance, kit-remote-2020-1:// would launch Omniverse Kit Remote and automatically attempt to connect to a streaming Kit server on localhost.

  • OM-Allow High DPI sessions in Omniverse Kit Remote with the -d command line parameter.

Feature or Issue

Minimum Windows Driver Versions

Minimum Linux Driver Versions

Live streaming on systems with multiple GPUs

442.76 or 450.78

Reduced memory usage with small meshes with Vulkan


Ansel support on systems with multiple GPUs

446.09, 451.02
Not applicable (not supported)

Fix for crashes on Linux (X windows or full system hang)

not applicable

Fix for some GPU memory allocation errors on Linux

not applicable

Known issues caused by driver bugs or missing functionality

  • OM-Standard Surface material causes crashes (all platforms)

  • OM-Cached Path-Tracing is not supported on Vulkan (Windows and Linux)

  • OM-Multi-GPU is not supported on Linux


  • OM-Improvements to MDL loading

  • OM-Changes to default binding strength to improve authoring experience

  • OM-Bug fix to only author material binding at authoring locations.

  • OM-Validate / update all clients to write correct MDL schema

  • OM-Added UDIM support in Kit and Maya

  • OM-Drag and drop materials to Viewport presents only bindable locations in the popup list. (phase 1 update, phase 2 next release)

  • OM-Added ability to select bounded objects from material.

  • OM-UsdPreviewSurface default ST wrap mode is now set to Repeat

  • OM-Making updates and improvements to Material Documentation in 2020.1.

  • OM-New MDL SDK with MDL 1.6 Support

  • OM-Hair BSDF support

  • OM-MDL Plugin for Arnold


  • OM-Compute graph framework is now OmniGraph!

  • OM-Added a number of deformer, animation constraint, and particle system nodes

  • OM-Added Python bindings

  • OM-Added ability to create nodes through Python

  • OM-Added ability to create sub-graphs

  • OM-Added node connection UI

  • OM-Added baseline documentation about the graph system and the roadmap ahead

  • OM-Simplified Compute Node registration process

  • OM-Added support for simplified node type registration


  • OM-Many animation tools are now based on OmniGraph

  • OM-Added OmniGraph support for animation constraints (transform, mesh constraints)

  • OM-Polished transform constraint, which allows users to constrain a USD prim to transform of another prim (or a joint in USDSkel).

  • OM-Polished mesh-mesh constraint, which deforms a mesh based on deformation of another mesh

  • OM-Added a few deformers based on OmniGraph framework

  • OM-Skinning support for UsdSkel as Omnigraph deformer (omni.anim.deformer)

  • OM-Polished anim clips (omni.anim.clips), which allows users to import, retime USDSkel based animations

  • OM-Added anim player tools provide basic support for animation play of independent animation clips

  • OM-Anim behavior extension was removed, and no longer supported

  • OM-Basic time sample (key frame) editing through the time sample editor (omni.kit.builtin.timesample_authoring extension

  • OM-Various bug fixes related to UsdSkel and animation loading from USD and FBX.

Physics / Simulation

  • OM-Physics and PhysX USD schema updated.

  • OM-New Physics properties tab.

  • OM-Improved physics visualization options.

  • OM-User can remove physics components.

  • OM-Masses can be specified manually with Mass API components.

  • OM-Added collision filtering with collision groups.

  • OM-Added joint creation and editing.

  • OM-Added contact reporting for extensions.

  • OM-Improved articulation editing.

  • OM-Physics property editor for editing schema APIs directly.

  • OM-Blast destruction added.