2020.1: Hotfix


  • Add texture supports for ShapeNet importer in omniverse_asset_converter

  • Updates from a referenced file that gets changed do not get reflected in a new scene.

  • Fixed showing of Black Sky When Opening Models in View

  • Fixed mouse picking for joint to be forced based since it was too strong, leading to joint being pulled apart

  • Changed error reporting for articulation joint created without bodies

  • Fixed problem with disabling of joints, they can now be disabled

  • Fixed crash when removing collisionAPI in Kit while simulation is running

  • distance joint spring enabled exposed

  • Following CPU/GPU logs added during startup

  • A table to show: Memory size (used/free), swap/page size (used/free), CPU and GPU brand names, CPU cores and logical processors.

  • Enumerate all GPUs on device creation failure

  • Indicate which GPU chosen by setting active in table

  • Scoring GPUs: priority based on per 256 MB GPU memory and “RTX” in the name

  • Improve GPU selection for multi-gpu: Skip old GPUs and fix incorrect GPU counting

  • Fixed the problem where Microfacet with roughness of 0 cause blurry reflections and transmissions by updating to newer MDL SDK

  • Fixed Viewport corruption during View startup on MGPU

  • Fixed perf hit caused by enabling synthetic data bounding boxes

  • Fixed problem which was causing dramatic changes in Viewport brightness changes when moving camera

  • Implement a camera sensor to extract the tight 2D bounding box data of the objects that a camera has in view

Isaac Sim

  • mechanism to map instance segmentation URI to a USD Object for omni.syntheticdata


  • Switched mouse drag to a weaker force based approach so it doesn’t pull joints apart. Previous joint based behavior can be enabled in physics settings.

  • Joints can be enabled/disabled through jointEnabled attribute

  • Fixed crash when removing collisionAPI in Kit while simulation is running