Kit 100.1

Kit has now become a more low-level SDK for building Omniverse Applications. Create has taken on the user-facing application aspect of Kit

Asset Import/export

  • Update asset converter to fix export crash

  • Update asset importer to remove redundant material export

  • Fix obj crash when there is no material


  • Added step_size to FloatSlider

  • Fixed ui.Label word_wrap on multimonitor configuration

  • Restore docking order when loading layout

  • Fixed Label size when changing text

  • Fixing resize docking after reset

  • Fixed crash in detached menu

  • Fixed problems with layout when docking space is empty

  • Fixed menus and popups in application window

  • Fixed mouse_pressed_fn in FreeBezierCurve


  • Convert Flow menu to sub menu under Create menu.

  • FlowUsd. Migrate to omni.ui. Multithreading fix.

  • Fix Flickering in particles

  • Flow. Fix extension load error. Remove legacy renderer setting from UI.


  • Add an option to enforce certain extensions to be loaded before the registry

  • Remove unused registries


  • Expose reference instanceable in preferences

  • Fixed bad dropping behavior with specific USD assets

  • Fix crash in selection due to USD being accessed by 2 threads

  • Fix Instanceable flag when drag into Stage Window

  • PxrHydraEngine robustness when GL interop is faulty

  • Fix reference editing


  • remove unneeded/broken extensions

Content Browser

  • bug fix: slowness in populating directories

  • add visibility changed

  • Fixes artifacts in grid view of content browser


  • Catch exception while refreshing cards asynchronously.

  • Filepicker thumbnails mismatched to items in grid view

  • Filepicker changes, adds thumbnail for USD…

  • Filebrowser implements async directory listing for guarding stability against network delays

  • Filebrowser: Added vertical spacing to cards in grid view to better accommodate text label


  • Updated USD to ignore physics changes to prims.


  • Adding guard for window.title to avoid crashing in –no-window mode

  • Cleanup warning in the viewport

  • Workaround instanceable cannot be set unpickable by setting instanceable after mouse release

  • [usda_edit] Added support for usd_omni_wrapper

  • Fixed restore toolbar (when doing Window-Layout-Reset in Create)

  • movie capture fixes

  • Omni kit menu utils updates

  • menu.edit can capture viewport-only screenshots

  • Adding checks to allow Kit fail gracefully in Legacy mode…

  • cosmetic improvements for the rotate widget in transform property window

  • Instantly hide the Transform sub-frame UI when there is no xformOp exist in a prim

  • Setting random imgui context right after detaching…

  • Returning the resize event back to its original place…

  • Remove Omniverse from extensions title

  • Add a transformOp menu in the Add button to add the missing xformOps.

  • orient(shown as Euler) property widget was not updating when rotating object in the viewport

  • [GXF] Fixed crash in TreeView

  • select invert fix for no default prim

  • Fix perf problems due to Tf.Notice leak in various property widgets

  • Disable live update and ‘save and replace’ for read-only layers

  • Fixed drag-and-drop from stageview to stage window

  • [omni.kit.window.viewport] Do not show xform gizmo for joints


  • Blacklist Pascal and Volta GPUs for ray-tracing

  • Set default value of allowCutoutOpacity to true

  • Improve load times in scenes with many small textures