Omniverse Kit Python Snippets

An index of Omniverse Kit Python code snippets commonly used for developing extensions and application for Omniverse. We have categorized the snippets by topics and each snippet is titled by the task that it is used for. New Kit developers will find this useful for discovering the appropriate API used to accomplish a task. Experienced developers can use this index for quick code lookups.


Snippets having to do with creating and subscribing to events in Kit.


Snippets relating to managing, querying, and configuring extensions.


Snippets for common Python actions within Kit.


Snippets for selecting prims or query the current selection.


Settings can be used to change the behavior of extensions and apps. They can also be persisted between app sessions.

User Interface

Snippets for creating Kit user interface widgets or interacting with the user interface.


Snippets for interacting with the viewport window.