Developer Manuals

Scripting in Omniverse Kit

Scripting is a key feature of the Omniverse. It allows developers to forge intricate simulations, custom workflow tools, path traced and/or ray traced games, and extend NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit far beyond its roots and foundations. Because of the expansive nature of scripting, the Python API guide is separated out into its own complete presence allowing programmers to have unfettered documentation and searches related only to scripting in the Omniverse.

In cases where the enhancement needs are just too much for the scripting world, Omniverse also provides C++ based SDKs that can be used to create high performance extensions. Omniverse’s C++ side is based on plugin modules that can be dynamically loaded as needed. These can be used to provide new features and functionality for a lot of what Omniverse offers, including new UI and heavy calculations.

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NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit Python API

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit exposes much of its functionality through Python bindings. This provides an API that can be used to write new extensions to Omniverse Kit or new experiences for Omniverse. This is the easiest way to get new functionality added to Omniverse Kit or to modify existing behavior. This can also be used to write scripted portions of interactive USD stages in Omniverse Kit, or even to build an entire stage programmatically.

View the NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit Python Manual here.

Carbonite SDK

The Carbonite SDK provides the core functionality of all Omniverse apps. This is a C++ based SDK that provides features such as plugin management, input, file access, persistent settings management, audio, asset loading and management, thread and task management, image loading, localization, synchronization, and basic windowing. All of this is provided with a single platform independent API. Carbonite provides the core framework for getting started with a new C++ plugin for Omniverse. The plugin simply needs to define one or more interfaces that can be exposed to Omniverse and controlled through Python scripts or Python UI.