To help with this 3D planning and review, USD Explorer ships with Extensions that let you add text, markup, and measurements to a 3D scene.


Collaboration is at the heart of the Omniverse platform. The Omniverse platform is designed to allow multiple users to work together in a shared virtual space or spaces. See below for more information regarding Live and features surrounding collaborative workflows in USD Explorer.

Learn More: about the collaborating in omniverse here.


Create navigatable location markers that represent a camera view in your USD Stage.

Learn More: about Waypoints here.


Annotate a 3D scene with a 2D whiteboard overlay from any location in your USD Stage.

Learn More: about Markup here.

Measure Tool

Measure the distances, angles and areas between objects.

Learn More: about the Measure Tool here.

Section Tool

Create sectional cutaways of your scenes.

Learn More: about the Section Tool here.