USD Explorer

NVIDIA Omniverse™ USD Explorer is an Omniverse foundation application for aggregating and reviewing large facilities such as factories, warehouses and more. It is built using NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit as a reference to highlight the capabilities of the Omniverse development platform.

USD Explorer leverages the latest updates in high performance updates for large scenes, instancing and optimization. It also highlights some new Extensions developed for planning, commenting and reviewing that can be leveraged across custom kit based apps.

When connected to an Omniverse Nucleus server, worlds can be authored live across multiple Omniverse applications, machines and users for advanced collaborative workflows.

What’s new in USD Explorer 2023.2?


Use a Simple User Interface

The User Interface is divided up into two main modes: Review and Layout.


Annotate Your Scenes

Use the Waypoints, Markup, measure and section tools to add text, markup and measurements to a 3D scene.


Deploy on Cloud & Workstation

USD Explorer can be run on-prem or in a virtualized environment using NVIDIA’s vGPU product.

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