Audio2Face Overview



Audio2Face is a combination of AI based technologies that generates full facial motion and lip sync that is derived entirely from an audio source. With new features such as Audio2Emotion, which analyses the audio and automates the animation of emotions into the characters performance. The new Full-Face Neural Network animates all the features of the Face including eyes and tongue. The new Character Setup feature also allows the user to setup Eyes, Teeth and Tongue in the Character Retargeting process allowing for a full Face character Transfer.

Min mesh requirements for FullFace Character setup

A2F requires that a Head Mesh must be broken down into its individual mesh components. Head Mesh, Left Eye, Right Eye, Lower Teeth and Tongue must be individual meshes and cannot contain sub meshes. Please see Online Documentation and NVOD A2F Tutorial videos for further guidance.


  • Win 64 1909 or newer.

  • Omniverse Nucleus

    In order to access the sample assets via the local Omniverse mount - please be sure to install the Nucleus application via the Omniverse Launcher.

This Omniverse Launcher Installation Tutorial Video will guide you through the process of setting up the launcher and collaboration tools.